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tophat newtimes
Since: Sep '17
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Anybody create a DWORD to invoke BSOD? How do you hold BSOD? Thanks.

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tophat pa2caliin84
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tophat newtimes
Since: Sep '17
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How do you hold BSOD was the second quesion.

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tophat Tekuracer
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What does holding a bsod even mean. Once you bsod, the computers dead till restart. 

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tophat EmperorJNorton
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Im guessing he wants to sabotage a system and by holding the bsod he means bork the system so even on reboot it just bsods again.  Then again it could be for some non nefarious purpose.

tophat newtimes
Since: Sep '17
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BSOD is the blue screen of death. It appears when Windows crashes. But it contains information so some users make it appear. But I can't view it for more than a few seconds so I asked if anyone knows how to pause the BSOD page.

tophat dentel
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If you just need more time to review details of the BSOD in this case, just take a photo or video of it with your phone