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rose EricaJ69
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I am looking for some one who knows how to build a website.  I do massage and am looking to get one stayed you expand my business. says "and travel" because I am also looking for a bag to carry my massage table in when I travel. Thanks, any information would be appreciated. 


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rose HoppHunny
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I myself don't know how to build a website but I've heard that Square Space is really user friendly. There's a lot of premade templates so it's easy to customize and if I remember correctly they have a 24 hour help line. I hope this helps 😊 

tophat MrRoboto
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+1 Squarespace is the way to go

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Id use squarespace.  As for ways to transport a massage table, I haven't a clue - that seems to be in a specialty category like dive gear, and musical instruments.

tophat freakylos
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Square space I would recommend as well. 

As for a table. You can use a folding handcart to transport your table to and from car. Then fold up  your hand cart and stuff it away. 

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Abody Portable Massage Table 3 Fold Hardwood Frame Adjustable Spa Bed Tattoo Beauty Salon, 84''L, BlackI have this one.  It is inexpensive and folds up easily.  It is on Amazon for about $90 and is really sturdy.

rose EricaJ69
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Thank you...i have a table,  but just not a bag to protect it. And put the extra peices in.