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tophat  eastbayrick
Since: Oct-2016
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Let's post some of our favorite memories here :D

I'll start:

Me and a female coworker went out on the night and she brought up the idea of going to a strip club. Little did she know that I knew about MSC. We went in and was offered a "lap dance" but I refused. My friend kept insisting I go to the back and get a private lap dance so I obliged. Little does she know that I was back there bumping uglies with some cutie while she waited. After getting back she asked if I was having fun but I told her I got ripped off and I wanted to leave lol 

tophat  stuttermanben
Since: Jan-2016
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those were the days of our lives my friend eastbayrick


tophat  stuttermanben
Since: Jan-2016
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i am sorry did not mean to ignore this thread lol turn on the closed caption please lol

tophat  oaktown
Since: Aug-2014
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I've got a bad case of the fevah (yellow fevah) and MSC never disappointed.

First XXX performer I ever saw was Anisa, of Rosebud Videos fame. High mileage during stage show, even better autograph session and an off-campus experience that will let me leave this world with a smile on my face.

A few months later, they did a feature show with ALL the Rosebud girls, which was pretty cool but Anisa set a high bar--on tape AND live...

Gen Gen the MILF. OMG what a freaky old lady. The menu in audience seating led me to wonder what was available in the back. Oh. That. And late nights off-campus.

Caught a couple Mimi Miyagi shows. Nice autograph sessions. Classy and pricey lady. No off-campus fun for me...

When Cumisha Amado came to town, of course I was there. Of course. As I was in the drug store next door stocking up on raincoats in time for the 12:30 show, in she strutted, dressed head-to-to in black leather, buying lube, paper towels and all the other stuff she needed for her unique performances. Interesting stage show with a nondescript anglo girl who I'm sure had no idea what she was in for, personable autograph session, invitation to meet later at the Renior. Same girl was there. Told her I had no interest in a doubles session, Cumisha said that's cool, she's just there as a safety monitor. Not sure that was exactly the term she used but it was that weird. So we did our thing and she looked on, disgusted. After a while it was fun just to freak her out. Fun--and weird--session.

The first time I ever saw Jade Blue Eclipse, she was being diddled by a VERY butch bulldyke in the basement of the Utrecht Art store down Market. The second time I saw her was the incredible stage show she put on at MSC. She came and found me and pulled me to the back. Pretty much ripped me off. A couple weeks later I was back, she finished up on stage and came for me. I told her in no uncertain terms that she disappointed me. She promised to make it up to me, I told her EXACTLY what I expected of her and she...

...delivered. And how. Jade Blue Eclipse taught me how to engage with sex workers, and be honest about what I want from every relationship.

This was particularly helpful with that rotating crew of Pinays. Like Baby, who always wanted to do less than I wanted, would agree to it, deliver, then avoid me next visit. So I'd hang with Paradise--or the even wilder older of the three (whose real name I remember because we had an Arrangement but who's stage name I forget). Both were freaks who understood Baby's prudishness and her jealousy. I could play them against Baby and get entertainment as debauched  as anything available in Olongopo or Angeles City.

Rolled in one afternoon and found a barely-legal spinner named Hawaii. She had a very 'hood vibe common to ROB-ish trolls there but she apparently knew my tweaks so she persisted. And I finally broke down. Wow, what a scorcher. Lots of fun in the seats and in the back with her.

And then there's Mimi. Crazy Mimi. Mimi taught me as much as I've learned from anyone about getting predictable behavior from a mentally ill person. First few encounters were more miss than hit but as I figured her out, things were awesome. On one of my last trips to the MSC, the DJ guy had come to the conclusion that Mimi would finish her shift if he hid her clothes. Most shifts, she worked pretty much naked, save for a feather boa and a pair of lucite hoker pumps. Which is what she was wearing as she walked backward through the mirrored door screaming at the ticket/DJ booth--as I was walking in to buy a ticket. So I did what any gentleman would. I offered her my coat. And walked her around the corner for a drink. Mind you, this was when SFPD was still using the Hibernia building and I was trying to figure out what kind of trouble I could get in for walking down the street with a nekkid chick. So we hung out for a bit and I nodded politely through her stream-of-consciousness rant. After a couple of drinks (and a lot of venting) we walked back to the MSC. She finished her shift and I got in for free.

The only anglo girl I messed with there was Cali. I inquired about Greek, she said I'd have to do it in the alley where everyone went to smoke, so who was I to disappoint. Formative exhibitionist experience.

There's more--much more--but this is what comes to mind off the top...

tophat  iamsamiam
Since: Jan-2017
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Ahh yes Cumisha, she had a stage show like no other. I remember sitting up front and she asked the crowd, "who wants to stick their hand in my butt"? I raised my hand and she gave me a glove and instructed me how she wanted it done. I had to agree with my friend who was with me that this club visit was going to be hard to top!

tophat  stuttermanben
Since: Jan-2016
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I concur. sticking our hands up Cumisha's ass was going to be hard to top! those were the days my friend iamsamiam.

tophat  stuttermanben
Since: Jan-2016
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Ahh yes Cumisha, sticking my hands up her ass on stage was so much fun. i could see smell it from here, what, 2 decades later.

tophat  ziatrina
Since: Jul-2014
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MSC was the worst and the best.

Had long, hot make out sessions with Deja, Swan, Rebekka, Nala, Violet, Angela, Saida, Jamie, and others whose names have now faded from memory.

Had a stunning BBBJ from Angela, whose mouth was warmer than I could imagine (probably from all the booze).

Had my first CFS with Saida, who would whisper dirty stories of what she and her boyfriend would do together.

Saw Deja after hours at the hot tubs, which were always incredible.

Got robbed by countless girls who would approach me sweetly and seductively, then turn on me like I was a roach in their bed.

It was the one place I truly miss about SFO.

tophat  stuttermanben
Since: Jan-2016
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i know exactly what you mean my friend i know exactly what you mean those were the days

tophat  stuttermanben
Since: Jan-2016
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market street cinema is now stage 1075 ... sad