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rose MysticRaine
Since: Jul '17
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Looking to audition at a few clubs, not sure where there will be good / inexpensive parking. 

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rose LacieT
Since: Dec '17
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Try sites like parking whiz or parking panda. You can research lot prices and pay online to reserve a spot. I got overnight parking in SF for like $20 once on parking panda. 

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tophat FredNorris
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I would park at a central location, say like Union Square parking garage and then just Uber/Lyft it to all the SC's in town.

if you go first thing in the morning to park during the weekday then you get a flat fee, some of them are 20-25bux for the day.

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tophat iamsamiam
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Wherever you decide to park, absolutely do not leave anything inside and in plain view in your car, SF is a true smash and grab place. And if you choose street parking read the all the signs carefully, you damn near need to be a lawyer to park on the street in SF. Metered parking is generally free after 6pm, but again read the signs on the light poles and the meter. Please let us know if you start dancing here. Good luck.

tophat southerner
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If the prospect of finding a good parking lot, or fear of driving up and down those hills and maybe having the car broken into is a problem, maybe she should just drive to the outside of the city and find A BART parking lot and take the BART to a central location like the Powell St Station, and then take Uber  or Lylf  from there?  Just be sure to get back to a BART station before 12 am.

tophat Gonzallo
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The uber idea is not a bad one at all.  It's how I do my strip club hopping, on trips where I know I'll be drinking.  

SF's SCs are in 4 places: Tenderloin near Nob Hill (MBOT & NCT), Tenderloin at Market (Crazy Horse), SOMA (Gold Club), Broadway (every other club).  If you're only going to audition at the Broadway clubs, then you only need one parking lot, and you might as well just do some research and park there (I usually park at the covered garages on Columbus or Jackson, but most of the girls seem to choose the open lots on Broadway at Kearny, so I assume those open lots are cheaper) .  The more you plan to hop around to all 4 sites, the more you should consider Uber.  

I tend to prioritize "least probability of getting door dings, self-parking preferred" over "cheapest", so if you're going for least expensive, I don't have recommendations.