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tophat hundreddollarman
Since: Nov-2014
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I'm heading up north next month for a work thing. Anyone familiar with the scene up there? Alcohol?Fully nude?I heard some crazy factoid that Portland has the highest SCs per capita in America.

tophat Sportswolf
Since: Mar-2017
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Good SC's in the area do exist!  I'd suggest Spyce Gentlemans Club in the Pearl.  Attractive ladies, full bar, and plenty of option via private dances.  Technically not fully nude on stage, but varies off stage.

tophat summerthrills
Since: Oct-2015
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  Sir I do believe that statistic to be true. While I was up there last summer I did notice that there were two things in abundance in Portland. Strip clubs and churches. A coincidence? I think not. I didn't get to visit either one neither church nor SC. 

  My friend who is shorter did excitedly tell me about a club, Lucky Devil Lounge, that had Tiny Tuesday. Petite spinners!!!

tophat Sneakpeak
Since: Jan-2016
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Went to one that looked like nothing but suicide girls inside (tatted everywhere).  Was quite interesting. There was a midget there who was the emcee.  I had fun.

tophat SavvySav
Since: Jan-2016
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Love Portland strip clubs. Just be advised that the scene is a lot different up there. i.e. less of dudes perving out and getting dances, more of drinking and eating (well and cheaply) with nudity in your face. It's not uncommon to see groups of girls enjoying themselves inside a strip club. Imagine a dive/sports bar with drink/food specials while independently contracted dancers work hard for stage tips. Law states that establishments must serve food if they serve alcohol so except most clubs to have kitchens that stay open late.

Some of my faves:

- Club 205. On the way from PDX to downtown. Consistently good lineup although the talent has waned a bit over the years. Up to 3 stages going at a time and sports on tv. Cheap and long happy hour ($1.50 well drinks).

- Acropolis Steakhouse. A portland institution. Owner owns a cattle ranch so food is incredibly cheap here. The $4 ribs are better than a lot of ribs i've paid 5x as much for. 50+ beers on tap. 

- Union Jacks. Suicide girl types.

- Casa Diablo. The spot to be later in the night. 

Just be advised that most spots are very diver. There are also one or two of the more typical clubs with your typical SC interior.

I gotta run but will try to chime in some more another time.

tophat lqqkn4ahummer
Since: Oct-2014
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Not big on strip clubs but I think PDX is one of the better US cities for titties... :) I think just about all of them have full bars and full nudity.  Lots of small joints with one stage but a number of larger ones as well.  Many have no cover during the week and most have food or are attached to a food joint.  I stay downtown mostly when I'm there and my friends friend owns Mary's so often pop into there for a drink or two - it's a small joint, cheap drinks, one stage, one girl at a time and it's the oldest strip club in Portland.  Have been to Mary's with women friends and girlfriends, they get a kick out of it and you'll see women hanging there fairly often.  It's attached to a pretty good taqueria.  

As mentioned, Acropolis has great steaks and many beers on tap but can get pretty busy and the wait staff is not the most friendly especially when they are busy.

tophat iamsamiam
Since: Jan-2017
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Good to hear Club 205 is still operational. Used to stop and have a cup (or 3) of coffee on my drive between Corvallis and Seattle (easy on off the fwy). Coffee was so so but entertainment was way better than Starbucks! I think there is an online magazine xmag(?) that does articles on the stripclub scene in the NW.