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tophat  Cbryant
Since: Aug-2015
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Went for a drive down Belmont earlier. I saw 12-15 girls out between First and Cedar, half LSW, half BSW. All were late teen/early 20's, dressed for the club. 

I stopped and got gas at the station on First and watched the parade for about 10 minutes as I pretended to wash my windows. A tall LSW (5'9) about 20 walked by in white yoga pants, she had long dark hair. She smiled and blew me a kiss as I worked the gas pump. She was not at all fat, but far from petite. She was a perfect example of thick.

I thought she was going to come around the car and chat me up but when I turned to put the pump back she walked off. Tonight was not a good night for me to close escrow, I was only window shopping. But I did want to get her number for future consideration. 

If anyone knows who that is please speak up or PM me. 

tophat  EffDat26
Since: Dec-2016
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out now not seeing anything really

tophat  shadowworlds
Since: Jan-2015
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Now that the weather is getting better they are all coming out to play LOL. Just be careful lots of LE out and about watching. Not sure if you get arrested and your car towed or if it a ticked if you get caught picking up any of those girls. It seems like a lot of younger women are out working. They say it's easy money. Sometimes yes sometimes no