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tophat happy hour
Since: Feb '17
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Whats the norm when picking up SW, do you guys do car date or take them to a hotel? This is for my sf hobbyist 

tophat V3rmi1ion
Since: Dec '16
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motel or low cost hotel.

cars too risky. can be easily  jacked, robbed.

tophat PnkPrlHntr
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Wouldn't even consider it. SW is usually just looking for her next high and probably strung out anyway. Not my game. But if you want to toftt go for it.

I'll spend the extra on high end providers

tophat StocktonCowboy
Since: Dec '14
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Don't like car dates, been "interrupted" before. Usually go to their room. A couple, I have known for years, I bring to my house! 

tophat Genki
Since: Mar '17
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Back in the 60's and 70's, I use to car date often and never had cause for concern.   But then I always chose the location to park.

Even deciding to go to a SW's hotel/motel location can be risky.


tophat slutcoach
Since: Jul '15
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yeah, NEVER go into the arrow or the budget on the nine (or any motels ANYWHERE that resemble them) for ANY reason.  its a whole different planet in those places with different ethics and rules...ive heard through the grapevine that there have been all sorts of evil in those places, including murder. ive driven through in days of old and it makes my gut reeeeaaal tight...even at the LEAST...all the pimps and thugs hanging out there can see what youre up to...youre going in the room and its like youre on stage broadcasting it...too high profile and much risk here. once youre in the room, man...youre a sitting duck for anything she and/or her people want to do. not exactly a comfortable situation or environment to try to get a hard-on. in my experience...though cd is far from secure by its own nature...its preferable to putting oneself into vulnerability at a "low budget" type room.  one must use extreme discretion and common sense in choosing a place for the deed. sw's suggestions arent always bad...after all, this is how they make their living...and chances are they have their personal favorite places that work. nevertheless, their suggestions arent  always good, one must listen to that voice deep inside...go with your gut feeling. i personally prefer sw's cuz i love "the thrill of the hunt..."  that adrenalin rush when ya see something you like and are positioning for the prize before anyone else gets it first. can see what youre getting before you get hidden surprises here....except maybe if you swoop in too soon without checking her out quite enough from a distance first and she leans in and smiles and has no teeth !!!!!!  the deed, done with proper discretion and with appropriate vigilance, can be an extremely exciting experience for its dark and "taboo" and risky...yet, with the proper precaution and attitude...awesomely satisfying.  but also, in my personal outlook, this scenario is NECESSARILY limited to bj only. to climb into the back seat and disrobe for fs is like waaaay too exposed and vulnerable, and totally too vulnerable for me. just my take on things. getting a room doesent really work for me either...she could go back later with her friends and mess it up...and its in your name:(   i am in agreement with the idea of taking a sw home with long as youve known her awhile and you know shes good. home is actually the best place...

tophat Megatron
Since: Aug '14
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Paranoid much?  the streets are definitely not for you...

tophat Luv2playwu
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When I first started this hobby I only would meet ladies who were verified with reviews. Then I met a couple SW's who were really good and flexiable. I have a vehicle that works well for car dates, it's a work cargo van with a nice set up in the back. The ladies are good with it since it is so discreet. After I have met them a few times, we will go to a room for longer sessions and it has worked out well for me.

tophat slutcoach
Since: Jul '15
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...the price of freedom is eternal vigilance