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#1 Boston

#2 LA Lakers

The Lakers would have lost their pick if they weren't in the top 3.  Poof... Magic!  Pardon the pun. 

Hopefully Boston's pick doesn't do coke on draft night. 

The Kings get screwed in the lottery more often than an underpriced hot pimped spinner. 

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I remember the first lottery the knicks go 1st pick so they got Patrick Ewing I thought there was a fix then.

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And now an "I agree with you", from your friendly neighborhood rice ball.

In co-hoots with the NBA are the beat writers who conveniently did NOT vote Paul George as all NBA, paving the way for him to go to the Lakers.

George should have said he wanted to go to Toronto or Utah, then he probably would have been voted 1st team ALL NBA. ahahahah

Got rice?!?!?

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