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I would never have thought it would happen, but it has. Their offense is shitty, their run defense is deplorable, injuries are mounting, Im in disbelief.

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What are the odds of having the worst football team and worst baseball team in the nation in the same year?

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I'd say the odds are 1 to 1 right now

Maybe 2 to 1

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Detroit Tigers are also 64-98. At least SF Giants isn't alone in last place.

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Whats even more pathetic are the people who buy tickets to see the incompetent fucks

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I heard the other day people were trying to sell their tickets for $20 bucks and no one would take them.  

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And now a, this could be as good as it gets for now, from your friendly neighborhood rice ball.

They did trade for Jimmy G. But the last few former New England qbs didn't pan out (see - Matt Cassel, Brian Hoyer, Drew Bledsoe, the jury is still out on Jacoby Brissett) so we will see.

Having said that, 0-9 may be the best record they have all year long.  It's better than 0-10, 0-12 and heck it's even better than 1-15 because at least at 0-9, you have 7 potential opportunities to win games and if you get hot you can go 7-9, 6-10, 4-12.

On the bright side, they have a nice stadium to lose all those games in!

Got rice!!?!?!?

Got when will the first win come and will there be more than one, or none?!!?!

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Jimmy garoppolo woke up 6 2 this morning and will go 28689765

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Drew Bledsoe did pretty good for the saints as I recall. Had a 14-2 season and beat the Colts in the super bowl

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I think that new stadium is cursed, the 49ers are a clusterf*ck this season. I'm threw away my 49ers sweatshirt after the the whole Kaepernick controversy. I watched the game the other day on TV and the stands were only 30% full of diehard season ticket holders.

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No one expected the 9ers to do well this season, frankly losing now just ensures better draft picks. The 9ers went to what 4 nfc championships in a row? No team stays on top forever, a few years they will be right back where they were.


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Prison mike
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San Jose State Spartan football is at the bottom this collegiate season too. They're 0-5 in their conference (Mountain West) and 1-9 overall. The Spartans won their season opener, but have lost the next 8 straight . Bill Walsh must be spinning in his grave, being an SJSU alum and of course, famed former 49'er head coach "The Genius".

I often wonder how much influence Eddie DeBartolo could actually have over his nephew Jed York? Eddie D. needs to set that youngster straight on some key principles of running a successful NFL franchise. Granted we are in a different era (this isn't the 1980's) but some of the trust and delegation of duties Eddie DeBartolo exhibited toward the 49'er coaching staff and team management is timeless in their lessons. Jed York ought to be taking notes.

I can see what makes a championship season so sweet when your team is down for so long. Gotta keep hoping .

Prison Mike

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There is talent on this team. Thomas, Buckner, foster, Tart. We are doing what we did when we got good during the Patrick Willis era, build a dominant defense then the offense will come together. I think Shannahan and lynch together can do some great things. 2-3 years we can be competeing if everyone stays healthy. It takes time. 

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Maybe they will live up to their name and go 0 and 49 :)

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My son is a Giants fan and it makes for cheap NFL Sunday tomorrow when they visit.  He gets to see his team and I get to save money.

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glad to see the niners get their first one today. let the browns go 0-16.

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well they won today, so now 1-9. Scored over thirty points too.  of course the team they beat are just as bad as them.

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this is the best team that's fielded Levi's staduim since the Harbaugh years.

this Shanahan coached team has been putting up points and stat numbers. (games losing only by 3 points)

this team has players that are good players for the fantasy points leagues.

that's saying alot because the Harbaugh players aside from RB did not put up points.

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if enough players are rehabbed by the end of the bye week, there's a chance for maybe another win with garoppolo behind the center>?

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tmrw's game vs. seajerks is favored by 6/half

im taking the 9ers for the win $100

Date & TimeFavoriteSpreadUnderdogTotalMoney Odds
11/26 4:05 ETSeattle   -6.5At San Francisco45.5-$300 +$250

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I hope the Giants get Franco, hes been flying under the radar. I'll have mixed feelings if they get rid of Pence, but gotta trim that payroll

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The team is pathetic and they lost me as a fan when they didn't address the kneeling situation last year.  They should have fined the guy the first time it happened and cut him if it happened again.  I swore not to watch them as long as they did nothing about it and even though the dude is now an unemployed cry baby, I still don't watch them.  They are the cause of this BS in the NFL for not doing anything about it to begin with. 

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niners ended the season 6&10 all thanks to Jimmy G

the draft is coming up and free agency thereafter. this will be interesting since the 9ers started early and captured Richard Sherman right out of the gates

before the Sherman acquisition, the pundits already have green flagged the niners to be 8&8 this coming season.

I think before the season starts, that prediction will go up to 10 and 6 at the very least.

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I was a big Sherman hater

untill now

am impressed with his press conference

and I was also impressed with his self representation for his own deal.

kudos Richard!

Am looking fwd to this new season coming, shenanigans none withstanding!

one word : PIMPIN!