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And nobody gives a Frak. Lol. No matter how hard they try soccer will always be the lower tier of American sports.

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I agree! There's just too much political $$$ behind & preventing the best skilled players & coaches to even apply for a position on or off the field. If a great player or coach doesn't have $$$, it won't happen.

Even when they get lucky to get someone, the adminstration of Team USA (a.k.a. Private Investors, who knows JACK about soccer.) promotes "revenue & sponsorship" by manipulating who plays or when. The results for years, is very unfortunate for USA soccer fans.

Not to ignor that the power controllers of soccer (Futbol) around the world (e.g. FIFA, IFAB, IOC, CONCACAAF, UEFA, etc.) are still under investigations (5+ years) for allegations for corruption & racketeering (RICO).

Sorry for venting!

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Actually, I think a lot of people do give a fuck. I don't know what gives you the impression of the contrary.

I think "soccer" has no illusions that it'll be in a lower tier than traditional American sports but it's gonna make an effort to maximize the market in that lower tier. There's no doubt there is much bigger fan base here for the big UEFA leagues. And MLS has made strides too. Is it gonna topple the NBA, NFL,etc.? No, they don't really need to. 

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Gooooo Brazil!!!! 🤞🙈😃👯

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With the exception of Germany, cheating teams win. Sissy flailing diving countries like Brazil get rewarded. That is why US doesnt advance. They play with certain dignity.

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I find your post with a fair amount of lack of knowledge for the sport, do you forget Brady and the deflate gate? Americans are at this level because you never thought this sport was good enough, American culture has always been " if it's not American is not good enough" I think "diving" is a little better than sending our kids to the hospital with concussions from football. And I think "cheating" in soccer is due in part to the way the sport was created and the way the rules are. You can't take special teams or offensive teams on and off the field, there's no time offs or taking players off and on the field. 

Also you can't stop the game every 20 seconds so the officials can look at plays, otherwise soccer would be as boring as football, baseball and basketball.

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My Phys. Ed. teacher in high school was also the wrestling coach and the football coach.

He was the one PE teacher that didn't have his students play soccer, because it was "not a real sport". Fuggin' dooooosh.

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I think so too.)