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rose VanessaBella
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Hello all! Just seeing who all would be interested in a role playing fourm!

tophat MrRoboto
Since: May '17
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Am I the only one with a Smurfs fantasy!  Lovely blue Smurfs . You can be smurfette.

tophat DonkeyHotee
Since: Jun '17
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Exactly what I'm looking for Vanessa

tophat Sick Puppy
Since: May '17
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That's right up there with clown porn? LOL 😆

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tophat ZipCode
Since: Sep '17
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RolePlaying Fourm would make it easier to share ideas and know whats available.  Maybe even group themed sessions.  

Sharing costumes and outfits.  =)

tophat backsideluvr
Since: May '15
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I would be extremely interested. 

tophat CScoggins
Since: Oct '15
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I would be very interested in a role play forum as this seems the hardest subject to talk about sometimes

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rose YourGirlForHire
Since: Nov '15
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Yay. Roleplaying can be so much fun!

tophat Sick Puppy
Since: May '17
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I never really understood the whole role playing thing. As far as I've ever gotten is that Im incredibly horny and I need you to pretend like you are too. Maybe that would be more of a submissive thing?

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tophat EmperorJNorton
Since: Apr '17
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It can be fun.  It can help escape reality and make the time seem better.  

tophat Sick Puppy
Since: May '17
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I never said there was anything wrong with it. It's just that I don't get it. I can understand if you're trying to fill a fantasy like having sex with a cheerleader or something. It's the stuff like daddy-daughter stuff that I just don't understand! If someone wanted to roleplay as my daughter I would make her come over to my house and clean up at my daughter's bras and underwear off the damn floor and clean her freaking room! Maybe that's just me? LOL 😒

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rose Amazing_Amber
Since: Oct '17
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Me! Not sure if I qualify but am definitely interested and engage in role play often!

rose alexissweet69
Since: Aug '15
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tophat diamondcutter
Since: Aug '14
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sure, especially if it attracts full GFE female subs 

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tophat pohaku
Since: Nov '14
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Just step back and look at what you do in any "normal "session. It is role playing,

You are normal mister someone who is normal respectable citizen and the provider you meet is also normal ms. someone who is living ordinary respectful life outside of her work.

Both are using some stage name of some kind like Steve or Rose or whatever.  Meet in secret hide out  and have hot sex .....That is  sexual roleplaying of client and sex provider.

tophat gman09
Since: Sep '17
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A forum would be great, I have a few questions about role-playing and having somewhere to ask would be nice

tophat backsideluvr
Since: May '15
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I would Love one!