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tophat  addictedtolove
Since: Aug-2014 Vip 
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If you would like to participate, PM me, or post
here.  Guys MUST be VIP.  Open to ALL ladies who enjoy being pleasured
that way. :)

tophat  Inyourass
Since: May-2016
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Not vip....but def qualify for to tounge punch a starfish

tophat  HDRider24
Since: Apr-2015 Vip 
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I would like to be added 

rose  Stacy.Smith
Since: Nov-2014
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Would you please add me? Thanks!

tophat  Bsw30
Since: Sep-2016
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Not VIP but am I alone in that I almost prefer dato on a beautiful clean woman than daty. It's a fetish of mine but there is no shame in my game. I don't do it do every lady I'm with in my personal life but when circumstances are perfect it's one of my favorite things to do. 

tophat  Squiggy
Since: Feb-2015
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 Dato/Ass Workshop  Private Forum

Why do we need lessons?

Did someone complain?

tophat  Bondjames
Since: Jul-2016 Vip 
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Sign me up captain & tell me we're to begin cleaning😋

Mod icon md  Heywood69
Since: Mar-2015 Vip  Verifiedbadge
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Add me, please.

tophat  motorcity56
Since: Mar-2016 Vip 
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I love worshiping ass. Please add me.

tophat  ravikundy
Since: Apr-2017
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Add me please...nothing better than DATO

rose  reiki spa
Since: May-2015
pushpin 513 - 24 Reviews

I would like to join also 

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rose  Carmenjewel
Since: Oct-2014
pushpin 68 - 1 Review

Add me too please 

tophat  addictedtolove
Since: Aug-2014 Vip 
pushpin 215 - 9 Reviews

You need at least (1) verified review to get into the forum.  Please request again when you have that.

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tophat  MrJ
Since: Jan-2015
pushpin 47 - 4 Reviews

Add me please

tophat  Roblopez
Since: Mar-2017
pushpin 1 - 1 Review

Not vip but I do love the was worship would like in if I can

tophat  optomyst96
Since: Nov-2016
pushpin 65 - 1 Review

I'm in 

Img  201705123  093753
rose  SexyLindy
Since: Jan-2015
pushpin 429 - 19 Reviews

Mi tambien por favor !! Luv my ass licked & tongued (makes me cum too), not as much fingered (kitty luvs that) but ass-tongue lashings are sweeeet!