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rose Missmarlamoon
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I absolutely love role play fantasies and I feel like I have gotten any GOOD requests.

So anyone have any hot suggestions or fantasy scenarios they’ve been dying to act out?

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Let's see...

There's a medical setting one where the Dr sends the you/the patient to a new clinic that specializes in male reproductive health.  The only thing the Dr will say is that it's unorthodox.  After arriving and checking in at the patient is checked in and then taken to an exam room.  The receptionist mentions that the tease tech will be in shortly.  About good while later (why is shortly never shortly in doctors offices?) the nurse/tease tech walks in.  The first thing that catches the eye is her latex nurses uniform that seems to display and suggest far more than it hides.  The second is  she looks remarkably like the woman you've been going out with for the past several weeks.  As she looks up from her clipboard you can get a better look at her face and all doubt is removed.  She's your girlfriend.  As her eyes focus on me she gets a predatory look in her eyes and tells me shes been expecting me since I was referred here by Dr. Soandso.  She also mentions that I'm the last appointment for the day and that at this point everyone else has gone home.  

Fantasy not story.  Oops.  From there it would devolve into cycles of medical bdsm play, edging and forced milking.  At least in my mind it works better with a play space that has an exam table.  A similar scenario would involve alien abduction and experimentation.  Of course with Star Trek type aliens, not Geiger or Star Wars.

Then there's the more pedestrian ones like being seduced and taken back to the lair of a succubus who likes to play/dominate her meal before draining them.  The one where you've been dragged to a goth club and then abandoned by the people that dragged you there while they go out and dance.  You get picked up by a beautiful goth who promises to take you home and fuck you.  She just neglects to mention what her ideas on foreplay are and that shell be fucking you with her toys.

Of course I can't leave out the bad boss that likes to harass and then dominate her employees.  Nor the farmers daughter that has a thing for milking men dry.

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Hello Marla!  I PM'd you with an idea that interests me.  

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You would fit with the uber sexy research librarian who is helping you with a project in the private reserves of

the library. Smart, exuding sexuality and lots of leaning over while helping find things, bending to lower shelves, then when the heat builds up freeing the passions from behind their restraints.


super sexy house wife that calls a handan to solve the leak under

the sink. Sexy house clothes just because it's hard to keep all that sexiness under wraps, button down shirt and shorts. Slightly touchy, then while I'm working under the sink, you look under the zipper.

3. Hot college student that needs extra instruction during office hours.