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tophat Homes58
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Hi All,

wondering if you have ever been to a swingers event, I would love to experience something like that, but I understand that it’s hard to partake if your a single male. Any information on this topic would greatly be appreciated. Please PM me.

thank you


tophat jason1714
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Me to!

rose ExoticAnjali
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There are special forums for group events, swingers parties, in the NS community all over Norcal. Just consider upgrading to VIP to join those private groups. 

Shelby 7830
rose shelbyhasthemouth
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I would love to accompany you if interested, from what i hear you walk in together and then can play together or go seperate ways.i have always wanted to attend but just not alone "just lil ole me" gets a tad nervous.

tophat starbucksrefill
Since: Aug '17
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i've attended small gatherings 5-6 years ago.

tophat Beefy
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This is a good entry level group

A good place to look for these events is generally guys will pay 40-150 per event couples 60 and women are pretty much always free. It is important to note these events are generally not p4p events the donation nominally goes towards venue, food, supplies, etc. It pays to pay attention, ask permission, and be I won’t say a gentlemen, but rather respectful, grooming hygiene and cleanliness are major importance.

The biggest thing about these events is remember “when in Rome” not saying let some dude do something you are uncomfortable with but group dynamics can get fluid quickly make sure before you put a finger or anything else in an ass it is welcome, and how a women wants a cumshot etc some women want an assembly line of guys to pound them hard and then blast their face some pick out 1-2 guys and pretty much devote all their time effort to them it is group play that doesn’t mean it is a free for all.

tophat MrRoboto
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Looks like a better deal than a NS event.

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tophat Errantwind347
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Only in a monetary sense.

Rose 5869
rose GladrielMoonR
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Swinger events is usually just that. Must bring a partner or be denied or pay a hefty fine. Theres also another term called Intimate parties. Its where 2 or 3 providers host and a set number of hobbyists attend. Food and drinks provided and everyone gets a choice to play or if your just interested in watching then you can Voyeur. Some parties also have a recording room. Its where you can make your own videos ☺. Some of the parties Ive hosted or attended Im told are really great. One can get in on some play and when one gets tired you can get a sub and a soda and just watch. Some actually have a porn producer experience as well. Its all optional. Some parties also have a No camera policy. It all just depends. 

Do remember though that parties like these require 2 or more references. You can forum search : party results for some pix or some general information of old parties. More intimate answers for intimate questions however will require further vetting.

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rose VanessaBella
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I've been to twist in sf a few times and it has yet to disappoint. I am sure you can find a lady or 3 to accommodate you there. The beautiful anjali beat me to the vip punchline... Ns surely has some great events! 

Hope your swinger search yeilds what you're looking for!

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rose MissLizzy
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I enjoy attending events all over Cali on Weekends. Both Swinger Party & Gangbang. The only thing I hate about Swinger Party is its mostly Couples & Single Ladies with a few Selected Gentlemen. There's a lot of talking. That's why I prefer Gangbang Events. You walk in and chat or straight to playing. The ratio of Single Men is higher but perfect for women who want that. Ive attend all the Parties and Event in the Bay Area, from Club SJGB to Twist & almost all of them in Sac. I usually never go alone. 

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tophat Drew40901
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Twist is currently expirementing with women’s fantasy nights on Sundays.  They allow couples and high class single men with the intent being that women get more attention.   I have not gone to a Sunday night but it sounds like fun.  I have taken a date to their normal Friday night party (couples and single women only). It was a lot of fun like Vanessa said.   There was a lot more girl on girl than I expected.  Fortunately my date was an awesome wingman and got me a lot of Civvie opportunities with the women there.  I would highly recommend it.  

tophat Homes58
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Thank you to my Night Shift Family for all the great feedback

Ari gold
tophat FredNorris
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you missed out on the golden age of the 90's when Nici Sterling used to host gangbangs in the hollywood hills.

(by invite only)

she and her then husband were known swingers in the day