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This post was from an earlier topic from February but was, perhaps, in the wrong forum because it only got one response from a provider . . . so forgive me for re-posting again in a different forum:

Even though many ladies put dancer in their service description, I find few that are comfortable offering that service.  I don't know why that is.  I love to get seduced and nothing hotter to get my motor revved than from a lap dance. .(or  three) . .  but it just doesn't happen.  Providers feel awkward doing this?. . . .. Maybe it is too personal? . . . . but that doesn't make much sense.  I really have no idea why this is.  Lap dance outside of a strip club is taboo.  You can get a blow job for an hour, you can worship someone's feet, rim their ass. . . but a lap dance is too much?

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I don't think a lap dance is asking too much at all I love to dance for my clients I think my ass shaking gets there blood going 😆😉

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It never occurred to me that when a provider calls herself a dancer, it's a lap dance she has in mind. I always figured that meant she could do a strip-tease, either for an audience of one or at, say, a bachelor party. 

I have had lap dances in sessions, not often but not so rarely I thought them a dying art. 

And I once had the pleasure of teaching a lady to foxtrot. On my nickel. There was a time when total strangers would hold each other and move about the floor to music, see if they had chemistry. I guess Chubby Checker put an end to that. 

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If you want some lapdance foreplay then hook up with a stripper OTC. 

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I've never given a lap dance to a client, mainly because I've never been asked, and also because my music taste is so niche (and not suited for sex at all) that I tend to not play music for my sessions. 

If anyone ever had a song request and wanted one, I'd be only to happy to oblige! Lap dances are so sensual and intimate!

My (civvie) gf loves to give me lap dances too 😍😊

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I always wondered that myself. I even posted a topic about this a while ago. Let me go back and look at the responses.

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Ella, I'm getting hot thinking of your gf giving you a lap dance!  

I am adding myself to may it a three way sandwich!! 

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I Love giving lap dances! I used to be a stripper. It gets the motor running! 

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Jezus, if there's good music, eventually it can turn into a lap dance.

Damn, I love provider lap dances, hands and tongue on, of course!.  I  don't even know why anyone would ever pay for a no hands, no touch lap dance at a strip club.

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I'm also a former stripper and I love giving lap dances! I can imagine it could be awkward for ladies who have not stripped, so many may not offer it due to lack of experience.

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Poker ...I dance for you all the time in PF. ;)

kidding, never lap dance. 

Personally, never been asked to give one. ..

But, I thinks it’s hot that some providers offer that- especially if it’s you who is receiving. 


selcouth. ;)

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The session is the dance, indeed!

giving/receiving can be the same  

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I too love to get a nice lap dance before the deed....

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Nice. ..