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rose missnikkiibaby
Since: Mar '18
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I'm new to sight shift, wondering if my pictures are appealing? 🤔😕

tophat ilickalot53
Since: Jul '14
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Your pics are definitely appealing. But please be careful with the Snapchat (I think that’s the site) graphic additions. I personally can’t stand seeing the typical doggy or mouse ears and nose button and anything else the ladies do to make the pics more fun (?) or discreet. I usually move on if I see those. If discretion is what the ladies want then simply turning her face away from the camera is preferred in my book.  ‘Can’t speak for others but I have read of some complaints. At least you’ve kept the graphics off your face and thank you for that. You are a very attractive lady! And “Welcome” to NightShift.

tophat Kaliboi
Since: Feb '18
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Damm girl u look ggod af

Elysium logo
tophat Victor_K
Since: Jul '15
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Your pics look great Nikki, I don't think you have anything to worry about there 😊. Welcome to the site! 

tophat albundy
Since: Nov '16
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Your pics are fine, but can always be improved upon.

I think pics holding your phone while taking the pic lends to greater credibility sometimes over professionally done bordoir photos that can be heavily photoshopped, I've always gravitated towards photos well done, but sans the phone taking it.

I'm sure you can find a couple hobbyists who are good with a dSLR who can snap a few good photos of you.  Get some great lingerie, a great set of heels, look presentable and get some photos snapped when you're staying in something other than a 1 star motel.

Will make you look sexy and wonderful, guys here will gravitate to your ad more - I know I do.


tophat eatncake69
Since: Oct '16
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they were until I saw the pic with the snap chat filter .

Just some advice guys do not like all the stupid harts and ears and dots on your nose.

The other pics that are really you are very nice.

tophat Outrider11us
Since: Dec '14
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I agree with the other guys.  Nice pics but no Snapchat add ons

tophat ilickalot53
Since: Jul '14
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I see you got rid of the “Snapchat photo”. Thank you for doing that. You are way too good looking to be hiding behind those add-ons. 

tophat Mmmastertech
Since: May '17
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Beautiful. When LA?