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rose Ariel Amazing
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I little confused here, maybe you can help me o0ut and maybe its just a vent. Whats with gents going out of their way to ask if you want a review and then never following thru? Why even take the effort to ask?!

Sorry guys, just curious



tophat wibble6616
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Folks get busy.  You could always reach out and prod them with a gentle reminder;

Enjoyed our session.  You mentioned you would leave me a review.  It would be super helpful and much appreciated if you could find time to write that review for me.

Or something like that.

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rose Jaderose83
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People get busy. They forget stuff.

IDK how badly you need that review? But I wouldn't contact someone just to ask for a review unless you have the kind of relationship with that hobbyist where you interact between sessions. I have heard a lot of guys complain about being contacted by providers. I always error on the side of caution when it comes to reaching out to hobbyists for anything. Just keep providing excellent service and the reviews will come.

tophat mrtasteful99
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I just looked at your listing and now I have a theory: guys don't want to review you so they can keep you for themselves. Selfish bastards! I'm starting a long vacation today, but you're on my list for when I get back!

tophat DDDLover
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He posts a good review.

She gets more calls.

She raises prices.

He regrets leaving a review.

I know he is grandfathered, but she is hard to book now :(

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tophat PnkPrlHntr
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I think if a guy ask and you say yes, he should take the time to write it. But I don't think yout should call and ask them for it. If it's memorable they get to it.

tophat cluck
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I have heard a lot of guys complain about being contacted by providers.


I have never had that problem. Ever.



(Quite the opposite, actually.)


To Ms. OP:

There are a couple of reasons why people don't leave reviews.

  • Like Tasteful and DD said, they probably want to keep you to themselves. You have excellent prior reviews. The more reviews you have, the less exclusive you'll be, and the more likely you'll raise your rates and be unavailable, etc. Right now, you're their little "secret." That's the selfish reason.

  • They might have had a shitty time and they're too nice to write a bad review, so they decide to opt out entirely. I'm not saying this happened to you, I'm saying it's a reason.

  • Or they're just fucking lazy. Which seems to be the case more and more these days.

The other thing you can do is see me*: I always leave reviews -- whether you want it or not.

*Not guaranteed to look like John Stamos

tophat mound hound
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I saw a relatively well known provider in the central valley twice. She asked me to review her. I did. She text me a few days later asking for some help and offered a discounted session. I was unable to accommodate her at that point. I will probably see her again when she is back in town. Her contacting me was no problem. For some people I can see where it might be an issue.

tophat wibble6616
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In this scenario the guy offered to write a review. No harm in following up in that case in my opinion. It would be different if the guy never offered.

One follow up is perfectly acceptable. If you don't hear back then consider the matter closed.

Probably best to stick with communicating via NS PM to keep things discreet.

tophat BigSteveD
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I try to leave a review right after the session otherwise wise I’ll get busy , I do tent to forget .why don’t you just shoot them a text, see if they mind reviewing you because maybe they forgot 

tophat acguy
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Someone isn't following through with what they promised to do??!! Shocking!! Almost never happens!! LOL!

I don't leave reviews unless I'm asked and I try to be brutally honest on those I write.. And even if I'm asked, I won't leave an "average" review but will promise to. If the session was poor, I'll leave a poor review. In this case I'm just trying to warn others and I'm not worried about her "feedback". And I'll leave a good review, eventually, since this normally puts me in a good spot for a future visit. But, I avoid the average scores. I just get too much grief over why I didn't leave high enough scores. I will sometimes want to give someone another try as perhaps they were just having an off day. If I leave that "average" review, I've found any future relationship is poisoned. It's just not worth the grief.