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tophat Bonsai
Since: Jan '15
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Ok so I've been seeing Marian posting here for a while. And I can't figure it out... Is she the real deal?

Her pics are of an adult model/actress who used to go by Belicia (she's since changed her name). 

1) if those pics are fake, then what accounts for the handful of fawning reviews? 

2) if those pics are real and Belicia is posting in SJ, why the F has nobody told me?! 

Anyone have intel other than the info-light reviews? 

tophat Fantomex
Since: Oct '14
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They do look fake. If those are fake reviews, too, then that means not to always trust this site.

tophat vidviper
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 If you click on each review, you will see different pictures that were her primary picture at the time of the review. It appears that there was a different girl at that time.  The reviews appear to be legit. Either two providers are sharing a user ID, or she has decided to stop posting her real pictures. Reason? Who knows. 

tophat Bonsai
Since: Jan '15
pushpin 23 - 17 Reviews

Thanks for the insight. It seems her changing pics post-reviews are the best case scenario.

Anyone else with more info able to confirm the reviews and girl? 

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tophat archersterling
Since: Sep '16
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I wanted to believe the pics were real.  I did some research and found the pics come from a photographer on instagram.  She also has an ad on CV under the name Nadya.

If anyone has some feedback I'd love to know if the photos are a good likeness.  I might still take one for the team (toftt)!

tophat Bonsai
Since: Jan '15
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Good luck and please report back :) 

tophat tdaley82
Since: Dec '14
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I think Marian and Kristy737 are part of a Russian group.  You'll see a lot more of these Eastern European girls advertising on cityvibe.

My experience with Eastern european aamps are that the pictures are very misleading.

The pictures are usually tgtbt and show a 10 out of 10 girl.

The one time I tried one, she was more like a 6 or 6.5 out of 10.  I could see some resemblance, but obviously very photoshopped.

Oh.  And none of her reviews mentioned the fake pics.  I think hobbyists are afraid to leave bad reviews.