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tophat Rustneversleeps
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This is mainly for the ladies 6' or taller.

What is the shortest height of a man you would consider dating.

6" shorter?

Not for money but in an actual serious dating situation.

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rose Pinky The Pleasure
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I'm not 6ft but I'd say 5"11

tophat lqqkn4ahummer
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Generally I think tall women prefer tall men but there are ladies to be found that will date shorter men.  I have two out of town female friends that I see occasionally, one is 6' and the other is 5'11".  I'm only 5'6" and on the heavy side and both girls are leggy, so I'm basically looking a their boobs when they wear heels. Neither are providers, one is an American woman my age, the other is a Mongolian girl in her 30s and we've been out and about in public and at events together.  And yes, we sleep together - Nothing like a pair of long legs wrapped around you... :)