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tophat elevenfingers11
Since: Mar '17
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I’ve been wanting to see her but I’m only in my 30s. Has anybody seen her? She’s got good reviews and her pictures look hot.

tophat fuckyfuckerson
Since: Nov '17
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Some of the many benefits of getting older....Hot chick's and discounts on meals just to name a few.

tophat tallguysj
Since: Jun '17
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Obviously you have read her ad, but still insist on posting this to the community. I think you should PM her and inform her of your desire to see her, give her your age and other info she requires for screening.

It will be up to her, not the community, if she wants to session with a sub 40 hobbyist.

tophat supral
Since: Aug '14
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You sure you're in your 30s? All that complaining puts you more at 15.

PM her and ask her how she feels about that.

tophat speedtoys
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That's why.

Whinging, and cant follow directions. 

tophat DDDLover
Since: Jul '15
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Don't fall for advertising that she is exclusive for 40+.

If you PM her with mention of your age and references, you would be in easily.