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tophat nightshifter20160610
Since: Oct '16
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Rules for this category:

1 vote per voter
Exact handle is required with vote
Hobbyist/Providers both allowed to vote
Providers can vote for themselves
Must be a provider that provided BBBJ during the year 2017
Must be a provider that has posted an ad on NS during the year 2017

Vote must be through PM or by post
Link to profile/ad is highly appreciated but not required
Reason for selection is also appreciated but not required
No ridiculing, making fun of, or negativity of any kind
Voting closes February 14th at 12:00 am PST

Thanks everyone! Results will be posted sometime in late February/early March

Happy Voting!!!

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tophat Victor_K
Since: Jul '15
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My vote goes to Mistress_Lovelace

It was an incredible experience and she REALLY knew what she was doing. Damn.

tophat Lester1991
Since: Jul '14
pushpin 207 - 30 Reviews

Well if this is purely about the BBBJ standing alone, I'd have to say Shanda Mosely was the best I experienced.

And on top of that, she is a very smart and fun person to be with.

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tophat jwood
Since: Nov '14
pushpin 20 - 14 Reviews

Honestly my vote goes with Kursed she literally stole part of my sole with the way she made love to my cock with her mouth. Not only that she is the most down to earth chill chick. She will curl your toes in exasty but look don’t take my word for it she is easy to get a hold of and set the appointment up. Go see for yourself!

tophat TeeNichy
Since: Aug '14
pushpin 83 - 2 Reviews

Shanda Mosley does not have any pics posted, so it hard to tell what she looks like. Is she Skinny, bbw, race and so on.

tophat James1potter
Since: Sep '17
pushpin 22 - 8 Reviews

My vote goes to one of the most sexiest, most sensual, sloppiest , wet head I ever got.

Sexy Red

and she has a nice fat booty 

tophat Rolex
Since: Aug '14
pushpin 7 - 21 Reviews

tophat backsideluvr
Since: May '15
pushpin 227 - 25 Reviews

My Vote goes to Daisy. Her handle is Loudgirlfriend.

We were re-aquanted during my BBJ Auditons earlier this year.

 I described her talents in the final wrap up. Needless to say she brought her A game and I wound up seeing her 3 times during that stint. Absolutely Amazing. Left my body buzzin. She knows how to alternate her pace, has great suction, and the stamina to take you over the edge. Plus she is Hot! 

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rose Lusciouscarmel2488
Since: Jun '17 Vip   Verifiedbadge
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Would have to give myself a 🖐 on the back for this one mmm

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rose SexyRed
Since: Dec '15
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Thank you for the nomination I'm truly flattered.


tophat cross717
Since: Oct '16
pushpin 22 - 5 Reviews

Ginagirl is without a doubt in my mind the very best bbbj provider. Not just for that either. Best of my life both here and civilian. Holy shit what she can do in less than 5 minutes.

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rose Mistress_Lovelace
Since: Sep '16 Vip   Verifiedbadge
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Oh thank you so much Sweet Pea and for Mona hot gentleman such as yourself it’s really an honor and I’m going to have to second that nomination, My focus for mistress Lovelace as well

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tophat MrDiscrete
Since: Jul '14
pushpin 610 - Qr 31 Reviews

Hands down Joy Wells 

Cock worship at it's BEST!

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tophat hoser
Since: Nov '17
pushpin 50 - 2 Reviews

Gotta give Joy Wells my best BBBJ of 2017 vote as well

rose Joy Wells
Since: Jun '14
pushpin 450 - 119 Reviews

Thanks fellas... 😘

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rose Loudgirlfriend
Since: Jul '16
pushpin 24 - 70 Reviews

Awe babe, thank you so much. You know i love to please and couldn't be more happy❤❤💛

tophat Pacificgrey
Since: Apr '15
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tophat kinkerton
Since: Aug '14 Vip  
pushpin 16 - 6 Reviews

Hands down, gentlemen, Natalie_Swallows_All is the best bbbj for 2017. I suspect she'll be defending the title in the future too.

tophat dunehur
Since: Jul '15
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tophat knoxious
Since: Sep '16 Vip  
pushpin 5 - 10 Reviews

Another vote again for loudgirlfriend.  Her technique with her hands as well is unmatched by far.

rose IntimateDesire
Since: Jul '14
pushpin 77 - 21 Reviews

IntimateDesire    ---

 Awwww thanks babe,  cant wait to see you again.

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rose natalie_swallows_all
Since: Nov '16 Vip  
pushpin 208 - 67 Reviews

Aww kinkerton, you're making me blush 😘

Beautyplus 20170504222001 save
rose Loudgirlfriend
Since: Jul '16
pushpin 24 - 70 Reviews

Thanks love❤

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tophat don
Since: Aug '14
pushpin 86 - 29 Reviews

For me it’s Paris. She has a suction technique that is out of this world.

tophat Tngincheek
Since: Nov '14
pushpin 2 - 2 Reviews

I second that