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tophat boldboy88
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Note* I gave a detailed review for @Ashley Starfire  which should be posted soon. I also have sms conversations regarding the timelines and convo we had.

Her texts were vague, her room was cluttered and has cat food on floor also cat on the bed. she watched the clock and the worst of all attitude! I felt offended in the end coz she said that I was low balling her! And she says, can I call you when I am in the area? Really! How can you reach a client when you said he tried to low ball you! Infact I didn't even negotiate or ask donations before or after appointment. Oh by the way,  She said - she had to meet doctor and also had to leave a shitty motel to go to new motel?

I generally reach providers to confirm with what I am looking , donation and then meet the provider. Many do not even respond. I am upfront and try to confirm the services. It's better to be upfront and maintain a good rapport than be a one timer with bad experience.

But with Ashley, I didn't do that considering her reviews.  Its surprising how a provider with such a good record had to do this.

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tophat hoser
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It is always YMMV in this hobby.  The hard part for well regarded/reviewed ladies is living up to the expectations their exceptional reviews conjure in their new clients.  Some ladies are always exceptional.  The other 90% are hit and miss.  It sucks to be on the miss side, I feel your pain.

tophat TheFinchMan
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I'm sorry to hear.  I've seen her a number of times and it's always been great and I've never had a bad experience with her.

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rose Ashley Starfire
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wow I just knew you would be bad new from the minute you walked through that door! 

First of all you NEVER confirmed that you could only do 300 for the hr with DFKand other GFE   things included with your experience . 

I tried to be sweet and nt show how pissed I was when you were obviously were trying to play me for a fool, and btw when your in the wrong you can't just tell me "its okay its okay" and expect me to just roll over as if your words were coming from my mind and say " oh you know what?? it is ok, what was I thinking? You can see me GFE for 300." 

and the donation isnt even the part im pisssed about!

If you had tried to arrange something with me before hand I might of agreed to it. I definitely have before. I'm sure there are plenty of guys on here who will vouche for that. It's the fact that you blindsided me and tried to be sneaky about it. And than when I confronted you about it you proceeded to treat me like a little girl who didn't know what she was talking about. 

And really the cat?!? And the cat was asleep the whole time.. On a chair! I asked you if you were allergic, you said no, I even asked you if you were SCARED of cats and you said no. .... So what you were scared of the cat seeing your little peepee? 

FYI if I post some of the ridiculously obsessed texts that you were sending me before our appt I think everyone will agree that you are not right in the head.

***Ladies no joke this guy is the epitome of Mariah Carey's song "Obsessed" 

that pared with the fact that you are clearly a native Indian Boy (yes I can hear it your accent) only leads me to believe that you were just pissed that I stood up for myself and wasn't kissing your feet and sucking on your balls the way a real man would deserve. 

And yea, I said can I call you on that number because I wanted to know which one to warn ladies about. 

Go back to back page little boy.

tophat boldboy88
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Thank you for the response. Being kind with messages is what humans do.

I didn't say I was afraid of cats. Its a way of saying that your room is messed up. Ok? 

So you went to a doctor, changed motel showered twice? Really? 

Yes, we got on the wrong foot for the donation. But that doesn't change the fact that I was respectful I left in half.infact 29mins. Where you apologized saying that it will be worth. Since you said, donation was not the problem, What do you mean by blindsided and sneaky. Are you kidding me? Just because you don't like me doesn't mean that you have to lie about it. 

And respect others privacy. You crossed your limit by saying who I am! Who in the world says available and do not respond when. Someone asks when are you available? You are clearly on something miss.

I wish you luck and with that attitude, you better be careful. I also got to know from other hobbyists that you are trouble. Let the world speak. I will wait.

PS> I said I am ok because you sounded like you gonna go aggressive on me. I said ok, coz I didn't want any trouble. 

Respect others or leave the hobby and bugger off. Btw, you didn't make the visit worth. 

You are the epitome of self obsessed bad person. So adios to you

>>Requesting to put the messages happened

Grog 02
Mod icon md Cunnylingerer
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"Infact I didn't even negotiate or ask donations before or after appointment."

"I generally reach providers to confirm with what I am looking , donation and then meet the provider."

Which is it? You don't ask about donations or you ask about donations? 


tophat benny53
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Ashley has been my goto girl for the last couple of years. Always a good time!!!!   Sometimes people just don't click.

I am glad that Me and her never had that problem.


tophat boldboy88
Since: Jun '17
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I didn't ask ashley about donations. I should have been clear.

In general ask for donations and services to any provider to be clear with what I am going to get and if she  is happy with it. But i did not not check with Ashley.

Hope I am clear.

tophat boldboy88
Since: Jun '17
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Hi Benny. Good for you. I didnt want to change your experience. I had my damages.

You can check the tone and demeanor of her language. See mine!

Infact, I never wanted to post about her. I could have easily stopped all this by not posting and not giving a review.

But I did because a fellow hobbyist advised me.

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rose Ashley Starfire
Since: Jun '17
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" Who in the world says available and do not respond when. Someone asks when are you available? You are clearly on something miss."

Uhhhmmm... Here's a thought maybe I had sent that message to a few people and someone else came to see me......

yup im high on life ya got me! No in fact I hardly drink anymore so its actually quite the accomplishment for me. 

When did i say your name? You obviously need to check that brain of yours... 

and yea so about the "2 bowls of catfood" 

animals normally need 1 bowl of food and 1 bowl of water. 

LOL the stupidity just keeps coming. 

As for normal people I really do my best to respond as soon as I can and I DO give discounts just message me beforehand and ask about it. I try to be reasonable

I'm out.  

tophat boldboy88
Since: Jun '17
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Ashley, I had little respect coz you delivered as promised.

You just lost everything by lying.

Said I was rude

Said I am a little boy

Mentioned my race

Just because you have good reviews, doesn't mean that you are the best.

And getting into the nitty gritty. I am sorry it was one bowl and bag that is open! That doesn't change the fact that your room is messed up and you were rude to me.

Btw you did mention that 'Man you respond very fast. I have to put my notifications on' rings bells? Want me to post more?

Also you told me that if I keep texting people who reach me, I have to stop this and just do texting. So, you clearly don't know who to finalize.

I am prompt. And I did reach you 7 days back. Check your pm and messages.

Requesting admin to post the convo and messages had. 

Our word fight might not help the world. But our covo shows what exactly we are.

I see your confidence here. Just coz you have good reviews, you are going away with it. You can't digest the fact that you did wrong. So you lie and demeanor me.

tophat overlords
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That's too bad you didn't have a good time!

YMMV as someone mentioned in this thread...

I completely understand your frustration and disappointment as we all have experienced it here and there along the way.

It is possible to catch a great provider on a bad day and they do not live up to our expectations.

Understandable. Write it off. Write a review. Speak out on the forum? Idunno, certainly your option and freedom to do so.

I would only if it was extremely bad. Realizing this is their livelihood, negative reviews and threads is more harmful to them

than to us!

After one bad visit I'd either give her a second chance or simply walk away.

Ashley actually exceeded my expectations.

She is a real sweetheart and was so flexible and understanding with my schedule.

Better luck next time. Chalk it up to experience.


tophat boldboy88
Since: Jun '17
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Hello overlords,

I believe one thing in my life. Do what ever you want just don't hurt others. That's it.

I felt terrible when she said that I was low balling her! Yes negative review is bad for their livelihood also understand we are spending the hard earned money too. I had to work my balls off and lots of mental pressure. There are 2 sides of the coin.

We deserve respect. Ashley, me or whoever it is. You cross that line then actions comes to picture. She might have provided amazing services and I am glad she is good to you. I just lost it when she mentioned my race and all other demenaor stuff. 

I don't want any like any hobbyist to spend their hard earned money for waste just because someone can get away with it. 

tophat stronglegs2014
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Did you two actually have sex in that 29 minutes? seems like there's some unfinished sexual tension going on here.

tophat boldboy88
Since: Jun '17
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Hi Stronglegs, more like.. we talking about the after effects!

Grog 02
Mod icon md Cunnylingerer
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Requesting admin to post the convo and messages had. 


It is not up to us. SHE has to post her permission here for you to post your private communications with her.

And all this could have been avoided. You're the one who started this topic. You could have posted your review and moved on. 


tophat ravishing_rod
Since: Apr '15
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Ashley got 22 almost perfect 5* reviews. I'm sorry but her reputation here on NS is topnotch. I've seen her lots of times and lots of guys here can vouch about her attitude and service. Like the admin said, u started this post but u already wrote a review, why not move on? Maybe you're the problem, not her, just sayin.. 

tophat jinkik
Since: Dec '14
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Until the review system allow hobbyist to reply to the bullshit and lying reply from a provider. Posting in forum is the best way to write a *negative* review.

tophat Mr.Justin_Credible
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Can't speak for anyone else, but Ashley is someone I'd LOVE to see someday, and sure as heck nothing in this thread changes my mind. 

tophat mattwfoley
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based on her ad, Ashley's rates are clearly listed and menu defined. I wouldn't need to ask her what and how much. If you only had 300, your hour in non-gfe. what is unclear to you?

Ashley-don't know you, but don't compromise and give the guy a deal especially on the spot. Not all money is good money.

tophat boldboy88
Since: Jun '17
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Excuse me mattfowley, I understand your sympathy towards Ashley. 

I said, it was my mistake and left in half hour. Infact I apologized saying that it was my bad that I didn't check. But that's not the problem. She went aggressive in the end that's what made me mad. Read the review carefully please.

Again. No one bargained or tried to low ball her.

Please just don't bash me. I am a decent human being too.

tophat boldboy88
Since: Jun '17
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Hello ravishingrod,

Well, she has got 22 amazing reviews. Do you think, like even a tiny bit of chance like very tiny bit that she went little aggressive on me in the end? Just so you know, I am verified and has given tons of reviews too. 

May be I am the problem, may be she is. 

It's just hard for me to digest the fact that some people believe that - she got good reviews so she is good. But no one wants to look at the fact that she disrespected me?

I had zero like ZERO intention to post. But a fellow hobbyist advised me that ' a review won't reduce her rating. Post on the forum. She has got an attitude lately'. 

I felt shouting out to the world is good. But lesson learned. 

tophat benny53
Since: Jul '14
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Hey Boldboy,

Its not that you are wrong or she is wrong...But it is clear that the two of you together is wrong. Your ad says Ashley Starfire?  "Not worth the excitement"  But those of us who know her have high praise for her. Sorry you had a bad time and if you stay in this hobby? I am sure it won't be the last. Shit Happens!!!  You did your review and that is good. Job done


tophat Asubtlesenior
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I have/had been a client of Ashley Tate/Ashcash/Ashley Star/AshleyStarfire since her first day at Kim's Agency. In my experience, as is the case with some of the providers I see too often, I'm quick to recommend their services to my fellow hobbyists. I was the individual that encouraged the OP to struggle through the provider's communication bullshit and enjoy his hour with Ashley.

Now my personal history let me experience many different attitudes from this young lady. It is documented in unchallenged forums of the past that she did at one time have a serious problem with alcohol. She has addressed that problem and as a result the attitude problems have diminished but have not disappeared. When you become a regular you learn that you may not get her "A" game at every session. Sometimes she "forgets" to shave the kitty or legs, sometimes the complexion takes a hit, sometimes she stayed up way too late the night before and you get a very tired escort. I no longer see Ashley regularly.

What I can attest to is that when you are lucky enough to catch her "A" game you are in for an enthusiastic GFE+ experience. There are times when her acting skills are Golden Globe worthy in so far as she makes you feel like her boyfriend. I was lucky enough to see her as outcall for the majority of our liaisons where I could control the environment. I knew early on that if I did not see her for the first appointment after checkin the room would look like a homeless shelter and there would be no clean towels available, the bed would be tossed and the waste bin full of condoms wrappers. Not sure why it is so hard to make EVERY client "feel" the illusion of being her first date but for Ashley it was an effort. Additionally, I never dealt with her pet in the room issues. Some providers can manage that pet dynamic and some, as it seems here, don't care about the "pet effect".

What I now observe in retrospect is that certain cultures will most likely get the experience of the OP if they see Ashley. I have referred two Indian gents to Ashley and both experienced the same exact behavior. One gent never posts in the forums but Boldboy does. It is obvious that English is his second language but the message is not unclear to those whose primary tongue is English. While Ashley loyalists choose to roast the OP I will not.

From what I have read is that Ashley misrepresented services. Her ad as I recall said $300/hr for Non-GFE services. $300 is what the client offered. Now in my experience with Ashley she is passionate about kissing so I would have assumed her non-GFE included kissing but not DATY, BBBJ. The OP NEVER reports engaging in uncovered oral even though he sees my DNA favorites at their posted rate. So regardless of the group opinion of Ashley's service level I would have to side with the OP that Indian men will not enjoy the same level of joy. Ashley does get defensive in a heart beat because she simply cannot take the time to understand the other side's point of view.

This pretty much burns my bridge to Ashley but that may already be a moot point.