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tophat mallik
Since: Dec '17
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Hello all,

Did anyone tried this provider?

I want to try but I do not see her on NS and if I call the number an operator answers.

I am little worried, if its worth taking that risk or not.

If anyone tried, please share the experience or PM me.



tophat tallguysj
Since: Jun '17
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Clicking on the link you provided, it clearly states to call her male operator. If you like what you see and get no response from NS hobbyists, do the normal research on # and see what you find. If nothing comes up, call and make an appointment. You can always cancel if you give enough advance notice and not get blacklisted right away.

tophat sxj
Since: Jun '17
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I have seen her numerous times.  She used to be off Montegue near 1st, then disappeared and showed up in Sunnyvale.  She's a bit older and not in fantastic shape, but one of the nicest and most accommodating providers I've met.  Also gives a decent massage and yes she does have a male PO.  She is also listed on Cityvibe.

Profile lol2
tophat dkong989
Since: Jun '16
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Have seen Lisa many times. Male PO is super chill. 
Also check out - 
Hope this helps you out.