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Girl was a friend of mine. She used my credit card without permission to rack up many charges. She will find any excuse to provide the least amount of service and hates all of her dates. You should hear her talk about them.

She only has good reviews because she oozes sexuallity and is able to put on a good act for a little while. EVERY SINGLE TIME I would hang out with her, she had a new guy she was milking for all he was worth. Oh he is going to give me a rom and a car...oh he is going to do this for me...oh he is going to do that for me. She spends her life leeching off guys. Don't become another of her marks fellas.

Be careful of this scammer. She is crafty.

She also has about a dozen cell phones and other stolen items at any given time.

So if you saw her and are missing something, you know where to find it.You have been warned boys.

Also she doesn't look as good anymore as her pictures suggest. Big flabby stomach, saggy tits, and her ass only looks good when she is bent over.  she can't even afford tampons usually, so usually just ends up wadding up toilet paper from whatever piece of shit hotel she is staying in and jamming it inside her vagina. She calls them "Ghetto Tampons". I've never fucked around with her on that level. One of the reasons is because her pussy usually is leaking some sort of fluid and you can smell the fuckin thing when just sitting next to her. Disgusting.

So if homeless, (deleted) providers with sores all over their faces are your thing. She is your girl.


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Hmmm, runs contrary to the recent reviews.

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yeah like I said she has no problem putting on an act and sucking guys in. That's why she always has a new guy around to milk.


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You know what fuckin just delete this thread. She doesn't deserve to have her reputation ruined because of my mistake in trusting her. She is a good person but I am just feeling like my trust was betrayed yet again by another friend. So disregard everything I said. We all have problems but she is a good girl and will not steal from you like I said. I cant delete this myself so, whatever.

Her pussy dont stink, I said that in anger. She has never stolen from any hobbyist that I know of, said that in anger too. She is working on her vices, and will treat you right if you treat her right. So please delete this. I am just salty.

If you didnt put a fuckin hole in the hotel room door with my debit card in the account still, this post wouldnt have been made. For every action there is a reaction. Get outta this life.

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I couldn't log in or I would have commented on this hours ago. It sucks that you had to pay a fee on the room rental, but making shit up to try to hurt her is fucked up. I'm glad you admitted to lying about her, hopefully people read that post instead of just going off of the topic title.

For the record, I have been seeing her regularly for a while, including extended visits and there has NEVER been any kind of drug use, or any signs of substance abuse. She has always been clean, and has never smelled bad or done anything shady. I have left her alone with my car running without hesitating, I have also left my wallet out in the open while I ran out to the car and never had so much as a dollar go missing. 

tophat SubmissiveK
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Since I cannot delete this thread, prepare for a long but interesting (and sad) read. Skip to bottom for the TLDR version. I would appreciate it if all my false allegations and personal attacks could be moderated out as well. If some nice moderator would bend the rules and delete this thread I would honestly sleep better for the next few nights. Hopefully this can end up getting her a bit more attention, positive attention, if you read this last post by me. Not negative attention like I intended it to when I wrote it.

Yeah let me explain my reasoning and state of mind for this post so I don't seem like such a petty douchebag with anger issues (which I am but anyway). I hope she reads this too.

Me and ittybittyaries have been close friends for quite some time now. In fact she (at least to my face) considers me her best friend, as I did her for a long time. Having a friend tell me they loved me, say they worry about me, and giving me a hug every time I left was something new to me. Never really had many friends that care about me like that...I definitely chose my previous friends poorly but not her. She told me I am one of the few people in her life that cared about her with no ulterior motives, I did and still do, even though I am beyond pissed off still. That touched me, but I am a cokehead with anger issues. I am not good at keeping friends...I have been burned in the past by many people I considered close friends and have a hair trigger when it comes to being taken advantage of.

Me and her fight like cats and dogs even though we have never had a romantic or sexual relationship. You only really fight like that with people you care about. I cared for her like a little sister, I felt protective of her. She actually cared about me too, when I was on bad coke binges for multiple days she was one of my only friends who would be like, come here and chill and get some sleep, I'm worried about you. I don't judge her for her personal life. She is one of the best people I have ever met and we are on the low end of society's ladder. My parents rich lawyer friends are dogshit when it comes to their morals and personality. Racist fucks.

I'm not trippin' off of the charge itself. It was not a big amount and even though it overdrew my bank account which I now have to pay the fee for. I would have been able to look past that. People make mistakes. She probably thought she could pay the charge for the snack bar back in cash, but apparently it can only be charged to the room with a card on it. She of course offered to pay it back and felt bad before I lost my short temper and told her to keep the money and said horrible, below-the-belt things about her.  I said those horrible, unforgiveable things about her in private messages and on this post, (which were thankfully moderated out...and I hope this thread can either be deleted or be relegated to the depths of the forums never to be seen again once ya'll hear the full story) because I felt that my trust was betrayed yet again, as it has by other people I considered close friends in the past(not by her). She knew me before my addiction got so bad I can barely function on a daily basis anymore, and expresses concern for me almost every time we meet, because I am high as fuck and not able to function normally on my drug of choice...cocaine and alcohol. She was one of the few people I confided my deepest secrets in, I trusted and still do trust her. If me and her were both the best versions of ourselves I would have attempted to make her my girl a long, long time ago to be honest...

I have let her borrow my truck before to run errands while I slept. I had complete trust in her. I still do, the charges to my debit card were her mistake and even though she should have confirmed with the front desk that the food was not going to the card on the room, its an understandable mistake that just so happened to overdraw my account.

The thing that triggered my horrible temper was that I knew she was bringing her boyfriend over to the room after I left and then seeing the charges while I was gone.  I was fine with that, no jealousy here of her man(maybe a little). Hope he treats her right. She hasn't been treated the way she deserves to be her whole life pretty much. But seeing those charges I just couldn't help but think of her man up in the room I put in my name and on my card (she paid me cash for it) enjoying some free food and gettin some bomb ass sex. I never do this anyway because I think its fuckin foolish to put your name on a room that may be involved in illegal activity. I had a little party to go to at around 2am on Saturday so I left around midnight, little later I think, with the understanding that she would either switch the card and ID on the room to her man's or would check out the next mornin.

So I was anxious as fuck already, having my name on the room she was working out of and leaving her there with her dude coming over. On top of that I have had issues with anxiety and my temper since High School, even when sober. Add the fact that I am a cocaine addict and was on a multiple day drinking/drug binge put me on a hair trigger. I drove down to SJ from Sac just to chill with her and decided going on a drug binge was a good idea. I actually had a great time for the most part and enjoyed exploring a new city...SJ seems chill.

The reason for the hole in the door I even understand. I said some fucked up shit to her in text messages that were way over the line for what she did. I woulda' fuckin' punched a door too. She could have put a LOT more charges on my card if she wanted to. Smoking would have been 300, the door was only 75. all in all from this experience I am in the hole for about 150 bucks but still I would have forgiven that and let her pay me back if it wasn't for my bad temper. I took things way too far by saying the things I said to her in private messages, I hit below the belt because I know her very well and I knew what insults would trigger her to actually get angry and probably wanted to make her cry and feel like shit about herself...those things are unforgivable and I don't expect you to forgive me for saying them Aries.

I don't regret getting angry with you at all, a lot of guys wouldn't have even put up with the extra charges even if they didn't have a personal relationship with you. What I do regret is saying the things I said intentionally to trigger you. You didn't deserve that and I apologize for those unforgivable words. Actually I am impressed you only punched a door and didn't trash the entire room and cost me hundreds of dollars...I know with my temper I would have done

So to sum things up, I said those things because I was butthurt you were enjoying a room with my card on it with your boyfriend and I was on a multiple day coke spree. I also had just been told to kick rocks by two women from dating sites, one that I was actually close to and felt a connection with, because I drove down to SJ to see you when I had made tentative plans with both of them that weekend. So I was in my room alone, fucked up, with two relationships all fuckin thrown down the drain because of my own dumb ass decisions. That's the state of mind I was in when I texted you those things. So I bet you regret the hole in the door, just like I regret making this post. But we cant take those things back. You can fix things on your end and your conscience will be clear, you can pay me back and everything is gravy. But on my end I cant take the things I said back. I feel horrible.

I regret what I said to you IttyBittyAries, like I said before I don't regret getting angry, I still am pissed off at you. I regret hitting below the belt like I did. In the end I am the only loser here, I threw away a perfectly good friendship for no good reason and now really have only one friend I was as close to as I was to you. I still care about you kid, and if you are ever in bad trouble you know where to find me. I'll always be there for you...but I realize we cannot even be friends at this point in our lives. We both have personalities that don't take shit from anyone and will fight fire with fire.

You hate seeing me destroy my life and my health with drugs and drinking just like I hate seeing you do what you have to do to survive. I also don't know if she realizes the effect a beautiful young woman like herself can have on men, what she believes is just being her friendly, normal, caring self can be taken differently by guys like me. Telling me you love me fucks with my head a little ya know, that's why I never really say it back in a meaningful way like you do or I make a joke out of it. I know I thought I was in love with her for a long time and had long conversations with myself about my feelings for her. I thought about you every day for a long time. In the end I just care for her like a big brother would his little sister and want the best for her.

Too long didn't read? I made this post out of spite. I wish it was deleted. I took things too far because I was angry and she does not deserve to have her reputation ruined.

I've been with her while she works and she has never been anything but respectful and professional in her approach to this hobby. She is an extraordinarily beautiful young girl that will provide you with excellent service if you treat her right. She is also a loyal friend...I would have trusted her with my life, no lie. She wont rob you, or steal from you whether its your time you paid for or your property or any fuckery like that. (She might steal your heart though...corny but had to put that in) I WISH YOU THE BEST ITTYBITTYARIES AND I HOPE YOU CAN FORGIVE ME SOMEDAY IN THE DISTANT FUTURE. When we are both different, happier versions of ourselves.

PLEASE DISREGARD MY ORIGINAL POST AND GIVE ARIES A CALL IF YOU ARE IN SEARCH OF A SAFE PROVIDER WHO WILL MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE NOT HOBBYING, BUT ARE WITH A GOOD FRIEND. If this post can end up benefiting her instead of driving guys away like I intended it to do while in a rage and not in my right mind, I could sleep easier.

As it is I feel horrible that I could have hurt her reputation permanently by me overreacting to something that was not that big of a deal.

I've been around this site for quite some time, low key lurking. In Sacramento where she and I are from, I would rate her in the top 10 providers in the area based on her looks, service, skills, and friendly personality.

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As they say, any publicity is good publicity...right?

I just ruined my reputation on this site in the hope of saving hers. She is a good person and any guy looking for a safe, clean, and sexy provider who will be worth every penny you spend should hit her up.

Hopefully this gets a few more guys looking at her profile than usual and yall give her a call. Turning this negative into a positive would be good for my mental health...

Trust me she is worth every penny and yall will find a new ATF girl.

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Can you please start over from the beginning?

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From what I could make out, he rented the room for her.  After he left she grabbed a snack from the mini bar assuming she could pay cash for it but they didn't let her pay and charged his card, he was high and got pissed off at the idea of him paying for some guy to eat that snack with her. He apparently knows her pretty well, so he texted her stuff that he knew would set her off. She got angry and hit a door, which damaged it enough for him to have to pay $75 to repair/replace it, since the room was in his name He, while still being on a coke binge, decided to come on here and make shit up about her to make people avoid seeing her.

(I'm assuming) Once he came down he realized what he was doing was wrong and posted his retraction, and acknowledged he was high and angry and trying to hurt her and her business. 

As I said in my previous post,  (and he also said in his post) I have seen her many times, and I can say without a doubt that his accusations are false. 

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He sounds like a little girl.

Time to retire bro, it’s business until it gets personal and now you are personal 

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I ran out of pop corn reading this. 

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Any time you put yourself in a position where you expect a working gal to pay you back, let’s just say odds are not in your favor of that actually happening. Putting drugs and alcohol in the mix doesn’t help the odds.

If a provider is hanging out in the room with her BF it is bad. I would recommend you cut her loose (which I believe your first post did).  I have seen this scenario play out a handful of times. Usually it is with daily drug users. The gal works enough to cover the room and party supplies, then invites friends over to party. She gets tore up, loses her phone, loses her money, wakes to the cleaners banging on the door, and her “friends” are gone. I don’t know this particular lady, just saying the bad stuff that does happen with PNP type gals. 

Cymera 20180105 201246
rose IttyBittyAries
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A lot of mean spirited and hurtful things have been
expressed by SubmissiveK.  Seems he’s not 
so submissive after all.  However, I am a 
well-review professional and I believe in taking the high road.  So SubmissiveK, about all I have to say is 
that I feel sorry for you. 


I am sorry that you cannot control your anger or temper long 
enough to step away from the keyboard, but instead choose to act out of 
spite.  I am sorry that the only way you 
could feel better was to disparage someone else.  I am sorry that you made public a personal 
concern you had with me and did so in a way as to attempt to damage my 
reputation and my livelihood. 


But I will let my 13 reviews, with almost a 5 star rating, 

 Have a wonderful day SubmissiveK.  And to the rest of the community, I hope you 

have an outstanding day and I hope to see you soon. 

Thank you,

Ittybittyaries 🌹

Cymera 20180105 201246
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Just an FYI he wasn't a client he was my friend. I've owed him money a couple times in the past and I've always paid him back and he can contest to that. I don't owe people money and not pay them back regardless of it being a hobbyist or friend. And the guy you're saying with my boyfriend is not my boyfriend he's just a guy I've been hanging out with and the reason I was in my room with him. Which I'd like to add I paid in cash in full for the room that submissive use his card to get me. Anyways the reason the guy friend was in the room with me was because submissive left to go have a fun night with some girls.#endrant

Cymera 20180105 201246
rose IttyBittyAries
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Thank you,

Appreciate the comment. 

Hope to see you again soon.



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I agree with Jay, I am embarrassed to even read any of my previous posts on here. I did act like an emotional little girl. It is what it is. I wasn't in good shape, mentally. At least I tried to clean up some of my mess. Coming down from a 3 or 4 day coke binge will make your mood swing like a mf'er . I was going from livid, to regretful and depressed and back again. Now that I'm sober I feel like I shouldn't have retracted my original posting. Might have gone too far with it but I am far too forgiving to people who fuck me over and give out way too many chances. 

I applaud you for taking the high road Aries, this is the first time I've seen you do that. Why couldn't you act like this when I called you? You stood right next to me as the front desk explained the policy on their food and drink store, even my dumb ass remembered that everything goes on the card on the room. You also assured me that morning when I texted you to make sure my card was off of the room, that you were switching the room into your name, paying for the additional day yourself, and that my card was off of the room and I had nothing to worry about. Why didn't you have your friend put his card down by the way? Your repeated assurances that I had nothing to worry about, and I was being paranoid were all incorrect. This wasn't the first time I've given you an inch and you try to take a fuckin' mile. Was it?

You had to talk to the clerk and fill out those forms to purchase whatever it was that you purchased. I find it hard to believe that you didn't realize that the charges were going on the room.

Yeah when I called you about the initial charge I was rude, but you were as well. Instead of saying it was your fault and telling me you would pay me back, you escalated the situation by deflecting blame and cursing me out, which understandably made me even angrier.. Oh and telling me I was trying to swindle more money out of you by lying about the overdraft fee (which I paid) is what set me off, I just remembered that text. I came down there to get the money you owed me and ended up spending most of it again anyway, on bullshit neither of us needed.

You just had your dude in your room because I left? You knew that I was leaving on Saturday night and told me your dude was coming over well in advance. So now he has gone from your man to your friend? That seems to happen with you a lot, doesn't it? As soon as they realize they're being used or you can't milk them for anything else, it's on to the next one eh?

As far as you feeling sorry that I cannot control my temper goes...."Pot meet kettle, kettle...pot."

Maybe I am too soft on people who fuck me over. Maybe I am too forgiving. Maybe I should let it be known which things in my original post were actually true and which weren't? Not that my word holds any weight at all now.

Just out of curiosity Aries, how did the hole in the door happen?

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None of this has public value. Why don't you take it to text/PM? 

tophat eatncake69
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I would just go hide under a rock and not come out for a while. You owe this girl big for messing with her lively hood.

If you want to help a provider out  with a room or loan money then you need to expect the worst. 

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rose Uknowuwantkandy
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Wow, all I can say is wow 😲 

you sound like a man of many personalities 🤣

So, you’re bitter because YOU let a hooker use your credit card to get a room?? Fellas, I don’t care how well you think you know a lady, NEVER let your card be the one on the room. Giving her cash for the room is one thing, but giving up your CC is just plain stupid! A rookie mistake if I’ve ever seen one. 

You decided to tarnish a providers reputation because you were upset, even though you could’ve easily prevented this. Not saying she didn’t do anything wrong, how the hell did a hole end up in the door??? 🤦🏻‍♀️ Ghetto ratchetness at its finest 🤣

maybe you shouldnt be hobbying... you are easy to take advantage of and that’s not good. Some providers prey on people like you. It’s a harsh truth. Don’t let yourself become bankrupt because you “fell in love” lol. It’s not worth it!

tophat Megatron
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Methinks it has plenty of public value. Entertainment value that is. Who doesn't love a good drama? LOL 

Yep using your own CC to rent room for somebody else is a terrible idea. Even if that is somebody you trust and know to be good. The problem maynot be the girl herself but whoever else she invites in. Imagine if drugs were being dealt from the room and they got busted. The CC owner will have a lot of explaining to do.

But that's not even the worst that can happen. What if in the commission of drug dealing or prostitution dealing things go sideway and people got hurt or even killed. That's a hell of a world of trouble awaiting the guy who fronted the room in the first place. If prostitution was involved there might also be the angle of "sex trafficker" being charged to the ringleader who in this case is the guy who rented the room in the first place. Or at the very least charges of "pimping and pandering". Yikes!

A hole in the door is "getting off easy" to me.

Cymera 20180105 201246
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Well ,

My previous comment still stands. 

This will also be my last comment entertaining this.

You know damn well why I punch that door.

You already stated it in previous comments.

You know what you said in the text messages.

You know me aswell, I'm a good hearted person .

I wouldn't ever do someone dirty unless they've done me dirty to the point of no forgiveness.

Even with that being said. I'll have to say that your statement about me taking the high road being a first , is false , and you know it.

I believe we have had MANY moments together where I have taken a lot of shit from a lot of people and not responded or retaliated like I

would have a year ago.

The most recent example would be this.

I think a couple angry texts you never received is far from even Steven.

And just a random PS

I would very much appreciate people to stop bashing my ex friend please.

He's a dick , bi polar, and obviously indecisive on if he's truly going to take his wrong doings here fully as a man. 

I have my downsides too, but what the fine print of that catch fraise is, is that my downsides are not even remotely relevant to my duties as a good provider. 

And to the lil female above this comment.

I don't know you, you don't know me.

So let's be ladies and how about you don't ever refer to me as a hooker again. 

Okie dokie 😘


The only one who is coming off ghetto is the way you jumped in to this hobbyist forum with you strange oxi double standards boo.

Anyways, he's a good guy aside from his occasional outbursts . 


I didn't know they charged the card for the food when we talked. 

That's why I said I was going to hang up and call them and ask what was happening.

Because I thought I could pay at checkout! 

If you hadn't deleted my messages before reading you would already know this .

Instead of continuing to make this BS public.

Unfortunately I cannot put a end to this because you still have me blocked . 

As if I were the one bomb texting you ?

Like I previously stated,

This was my last reply .

Thank you everyone ,

Ittybittyaries 🌹

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Which reminds me of my own story that is somewhat similar in theme.

Some years ago a very beloved ATF regular of mine was in a bad bind. She told me she needed to move ASAP but had no car and asked me if I can rent a car for her for a day.

I've known her for quite a while and could attest to her good character.

I ALMOST went for it. Then I got to thinking it over. The more I thought the less I wanted to do it.

First off she was fairly young and since she didn't have a car I had doubt as to how her driving skill was. Even as she told me she did have a DL. What if she got into an accident? What if she "accidentally" hurt or kill somebody? What if the car got stolen or vandalized?

How about a far-fetched scenario but not entirely impossible? like what if she has a friend or friends who would take the car to go rob a bank? or doing a drive-by shooting? Who would be wholly or partially be responsible for all the possible consequences? the guy who rented the car of course. Shit!

I offered to pay for a taxi to help her move but she came up with some excuses and insisted on a car.

In the end I lose a beloved regular but I just couldn't take that risk!