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Myself will be in San Jose today for only a day and then heading to my next stop! 

But I wanted to give any one a chance to see me in the South Bay area!

As for I know I'm not gonna have an Incall cuz I don't plan on being in the area over night unless I happens to get so some calls for the evening that is 100% sure they are sure they'll make it to there session appointment

Since this is short notice and only a during day time 

I will be having " Specials " 

Normally For Outcalls

Half hour is 200

Will be now 165

This is only for outcall/Hot tubs

Outcalls Hh is 165

Hot tubs is 150

Please message me on here Nightshift and provide the following information thanks

First name



Full address


Contact info

** Once I receive that info I'll will contact you and set up an appointment!!

Xoxo Faith

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