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tophat LongDongSilverBBC
Since: Aug '17
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I met a chick off seeking Arrangements, very attractive and obviously very loyal. She is on SA looking more for someone to date.

I'm sure that she would let me smash it, if I lied to her and told her everything that she wants to hear.  But I've never been that kinda of guy to lead her on just to smash it.

But is it fair game? If I tell her everything that she wants to hear am I the bad guy, am I the . 

What should I do? What would you do?

tophat Getmo
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Good question, maybe tell her things that she wants to hear without actually lying?

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tophat Ck6619
Since: Jul '16
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Always be upfront and honest about your intentions and let people make their own choices. Then respect that. It's not always a match. Smashing it is not the most important thing. Respecting people and finding a true connection on equal footing is much more satisfying. 

And, if you lie to smash it, yes,  you are an A-hole. Besides, you make the rest of us on bad and you could be putting yourself in danger of revenge from someone who rightfully feels wronged. 

tophat MrRoboto
Since: May '17
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Wait from what I now Seeking Arrangements is where SDs meet SBs.  Yeah when she means date I am pretty sure there will be a financial component.

I have been active on AM and keep hit up by girls looking for SDs.

You might want to clarify what she really wants.

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tophat lovergrrl
Since: Jun '17
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Lmao if you found her on SA there ain't no way your gonna hit that without putting up some serious collateral first.

Most of those SB's suffer from GPS pretty badly.

Enter at your own risk.

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tophat LongDongSilverBBC
Since: Aug '17
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She keeps Ghosting me... She keeps disappearing and then she will text me randomly and ask for an Uber. I havnt smashed it yet. I think Im going to take all of your excellent advice here and pass on it. 

Im going to Ghost her and show her what it feels like.

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rose Heather.Snow
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well... if you want to hit it then hit it,  and I wouldn't ghost her back, If you wanna smash, convince her and dip.... thats what will hurt her is by smashing and leaving. If your mad about her ghosting you, thats how I would get her back, no drama and it leaves you satisfied.