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tophat WD8888
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My brother is getting hitched and he's having his bachelor party in San Diego the last week of March. I was wondering if any providers and their friends would be interested in an out call to our airbnb? It'll probably be 5 dudes(most of them are medical school graduates). 

I was thinking maybe 4 or 5 providers for about an hour or two? 

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rose Queen.Lily
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I have two other providers and including myself that are interested... If that works.. Message me please

rose mistymorrison
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I've got two Provider Gf's and I whom are interested.

Please contact me.

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tophat seancho69
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Go to Tijuana. The buck will stretch out really far and booze is cheap. Don’t be afraid to go. Stay away from the cabs use Uber in tj. The main spots for ladies are Hong Kong, Adelitas, Chicago so many hot 10’s in these places. Don’t get into cabs that offer to take you where the ladies are they are gonna charge you a lot more. San Diego is getting way too pricey for me I’ve been going down south and having a blast for 1/4 of what I spend in San Diego 

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rose HeWantsCamora
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YES ! I absolutely love hosting bachelor parties with my beautiful girlfriends. Leave your concerns at home and let me make the magic happen !