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My account was flagged for age verification. Someone flagged me and choose underaged!! Evidently anyone can flag your ad & I have an idea who it is.(Jealous Competitive provider in my area)

I'm old enough (25) to post on NS. I submitted my identification to prove my age and no one from Nightshift has responded to my emails​. 

I have 4 great reviews on my ad post & would like to recover/lift Block off my account please.

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Hi BBW Goddess,

Thanks for flagging this issue. Interestingly we only received an email from you yesterday regarding this issue. 

We have checked on your account and I couldn't see it being flagged or marked as underage. It usually shows up on our logs and your account should be deactivated when it happens but it doesn't appear to be.

Photo editor xjbvnn
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Since: Dec '16
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Hi! Sorry I didn't make it clear .. I have 2 accounts. NOT this account I'm contacting you  on now. I've emailed Support several times from my email

Flagged account -Email-- [email protected]

Username: TXCream 

TXCream account has been flagged for age verification. I've submitted my identification to support team 3 times. 

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same problem with me im sashasultry email was [email protected] i also sent in pic of id and no action has been taken