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tophat Ray3369
Since: May '15 Vip  
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Anyone know how to pay for vip without going through your own bank. Bank declined every time, and I’ve talked to them. Still declines. So I was wondering if it’s possible to use maybe like a debit gift card to get vip. And i don’t want to hassle with bit coin. 

tophat Stainless
Since: Aug '16 Vip  
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There’s a cash/money order option, that worked great for me a year ago. However, I sent my renewal last week and haven’t heard a word since. 

tophat SF_Tom
Since: Aug '14 Vip  
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Trying to renew my VIP, two different credit cards declined by bank. Hope this is just a temporary problem.

tophat SF_Tom
Since: Aug '14 Vip  
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Got Fraud Protection email on one of my cards, confirmed it was me and this time the charge went through.

rose NSSupport-Marianne
Since: May '17 Vip   Verifiedbadge
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Hi Ray3369,

Thank you for reaching out. I have sent you instructions to your email's inbox for the money order and other payment method. Thanks!