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Unfortunately, it has recently come to my attention of the counterproductive potential that that NS forums can present to the community when unfounded accusations are made public. Not all of us are discerning enough to question the validity of a claim. Instead, many are quick to jump on the bandwagon and judge another based on innuendo and hearsay. Perhaps it's human nature, but I believe the anonymity afforded by NS encourages this behavior. I believe the moderators should be more proactive in censoring such behavior because many posters respond with a kneejerk emotional post without due thought that can be inappropriate, embarrasing, and even harmful. 

tophat peckerotis
Since: Jul '16
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Note that Bunni has modified her ad. She has deleted "Protection must be worn at all times" which is the reason I messaged her why she should not claim to be GFE. This is an underhanded admission and correction of her misrepresentation. I wonder if she has the guts to make a public apology to me as well as admitting there was nothing racist about my PM.

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As Shakespeare once said:

    "Thou dost protest too much."

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You know pecker, I really don’t think you intended to be racist with your comments to bunni, I find that card is played way too often generally.  But just because you don’t have anything against Asians does not necessarily mean that your comments were not inappropriate.  You appear to have stuck bunni in the same demographic bin as the aamp girls you see; a bin that’s only requirement appears to be that you be Asian.  While I have not seen bunni, I have seen my share of aamp ladies historically, and it really is an unfair comparison on many levels.  The fact that they are both Asian is probably the least relevant reason to classify them together, and on almost any other criteria they have little In common.  Your main beef seems to be that she charges twice as much as other ladies in this same bin, well duh, you stuck her in the wrong bin.

That aside, where in the world do you find the time to contact all the ladies who have inconsistent ads and let them know the error of their ways...there are thousands of them?  Or perhaps you are only picking on bunni for some reason?  Either way, telling a lady you have had other ladies of her same race for half the price is pretty rude no matter how you slice it.  How in the world do you expect such an observation made directly to her face to end well for you?

The fact that you were right that her ad was misleading and the fact that she changed it, in NO way vindicates what you did.  You are not the ad-police and if you try to be, you are just going to get yourself in trouble with the ladies.  You still compared her to an inappropriate demographic, you then used that demographic to tell her she was overpriced.  And now you are on here asking for an apology?  You seem to have completely missed the point of what you did that was offensive (and it wasn’t the race part).  You need to quit while you are ahead my friend, let this one go, it is not going to end well for you.

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Anything you say online is up for interpretation pecker. You could’ve totally been cool in the pm and she misread it and took offense or you genuinely sent her a pm for no reason. Written text is a tricky thing to decipher for a lot of people, you say tomato they hear potato and all hell breaks loose . But as the saying goes if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all.

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rose Bunni
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*entering* 😊👋🏼

I removed that part because I realized it can be confusing to others. What I meant by “must wear protection at all time” is having to wear one during vaginal intercourse. Bj and so is not, so maybe there’s confusion there. What I don’t understand is why you had to send me a personal message & attack me on this little error? You also sent me a personal email as well, and please...  don’t ever use my work email for this drama that you caused. I don’t want you harassing me when my inbox are for people that are interested in scheduling to see me. I’m not your usual provider that you would really come across, so this is a bit sketchy for me. Do you purposefully check people’s listing & hoping these girls would follow up with your criticism & negative remarks? I’m assuming you’re probably upset that I’m not within your budget. You honestly believe anyone’s who’s actually GFE will charge 150-200? You’re out of touch with how this business really works. The fact that you truly believe that Asian providers should only charge that low says something about you. Racism within this community isn’t a new idea, but frustrating to see that on my DM. Us “Asian” are very capable of raising their price because we deserve to be in the same playing field as the rest. We are allowed to raise our rates & there’s client that will pay. 

My reviews are there to prove that I’m a real GFE provider. Pecker.. if you wanted to book me, You could have just be directed rather than acting hostile toward me & trying to low ball. Maybe in the future, I’ll give a discount but that’s very unlikely. 

tophat peckerotis
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Again you have missed my point. I stated "Please don't advertise GFE if you state 'protection must be used at all times.'" There is alot of controversy about what GFE means. Your posts show that you are new at this. AAMPS are plentiful in SF and the norm is 120 for a half and 160 for a full hour of true GFE, higher down the Peninsula.. I've been at it a long time and any monger who frequents AAMPs knows this is a fact. I'm sorry you have taken offense and I'm sure you are a very nice person. It is your business what you charge. It was my bad to lump Asians in the AAMP category. It was not my intention. I do believe you took my text out of context and perhaps now realize why I sent you the PM. It was not meant to be rude. Your post resulted in numerous personal attacks at me that were unjustified. It's nice to see the support that you have received, but please be careful to portray the facts and not your conjectures.

rose BrooklynBelle
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Very eloquently stated Peter. The issue was never the ad itself. The issue was that the message started off with "Please" and then offered a very condescending and combative message. Perhaps "racist" is not the correct adjective but prejudiced certainly is; providers have enough issues with daily occurrences of nonsensical messages. 

He doesn't get an apology for what he wrote which included the phrase "true Asian providers only charge 120 (memory doesn't serve me well here)-180". None of that was necessary. All he had to say was "your ad is conflicting/confusing to me, would you mind clarifying for me what you mean by gfe?" 

He took issue with her price and has shown a preference for Asian providers. If he did this with every provider, he would have his work cut out for him. If you don't agree with someone's prices, move on. If you have questions, ask.

His message was never meant to be helpful nor was it meant to clarify anything. He wanted to start an argument and is not happy that it's in the open. 

He has requested a public apology from me so here it is:

I am sorry, Peckerotis, that you do not know the difference between slander and libel. However, I did ponder slander for a bit like you bid me to on your personal message. Unfortunately, I have no desire to go on a talk show and verbally defame your online persona...on a make believe site. Telling me to think about legal ramifications was rich though, I enjoyed that. You have quite the sense of humor.

My emotions have run about a with me again it seems.

Two thumbs up for the word choice "drivel" in your PM; I thought it was a great delivery. 

I am completely done with this now. It is stupid and there won't be any solution other than to keep dragging this out. 

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 Your posts show that you are new at this. AAMPS are plentiful in the Bay Area and the norm is 120 for a half and 160 for a full hour of true GFE. I've been at it a long time and any monger who frequents AAMPs knows this is a fact.

-        What horseshit, dude. 9 out of 10 of those 160 houses have bait n switch pics and services, photos of 20 something hotties when the woman behind the door is a 50 y.o granny with flabby smoker's breath. And the ad promised gfe is nothing more than a fight to get your covered dick past a box in bad need of a weed whacking.

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rose NarissaCupcakes
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Oh he's also randomly messaged girls calling them cunts. I wouldn't take a single thing he says publicly seriously as he writes much differently in pms. 

But saying something about legal ramifications, now he's went from kind of a dick to full on crazy. 

Peck, you gotta stop. You talk about responsible posting but its not everyone else, it's you. There's fun threads to post on and you choose to be involved in drama. 

Who wants to see someone who goes out of their way to do all this. It's not that serious. 

And don't message me, anything you say in a pm you should post for everyone to see. 

tophat lowmORALfiber
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I have a question that keeps nagging me about this situation.

Pecker... if you were unsure about the nature of her services based on the wording of her ad, why didn't you just dig into her reviews to see if you could clear things up on your own?

There are multiple examples of "BBBJ" to be found.

Also, I kinda get the defensive stance you're taking against the accusation of being a racist. Call out culture can be pretty unforgiving. But you did open that door on your own, and don't seem to be closing it very effectively.

I dunno, it's complicated 'cause issues related to race are experienced very differently by different people.

rose NaughtyNatalie12
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Sir, it seems to me that Bunni can say whatever she wants in her ad.  Only after an appointment has been set --with a mutual understanding established between both parties--can one hold a provider to her word about what she guarantees.

And the definition of GFE is indeed very vague.  Perhaps her GFE only comes out for certain guys for all you know.  

The purpose of an ad is partially informational, partially attention grabbing.  A provider posting an ad is not extending an offer which can be made binding upon acceptance by whomever responds.  This is not the sears savings catalogue.  The ad just serves as a way to put the provider into contact with potential clients. 

That is really all I have to say here.



tophat peckerotis
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Thank you for your refreshing take on this. Somehow everything has gotten out of proportion and it has brought out the worst in some people. I should have laid it to rest at the get go, but I perceived that public forums should stimulate controversy and productive interactions. With this, I let it go, having learned a lesson in human nature. Peace out, brothers and sisters, and best wishes to you all.

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Post what you want your ad to say. GFE is more about a connection that is made between two people. It has nothing to do with what's covered or uncovered. It has to do with the passion shared in a kiss and how you feel with who you share the time with


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I don't understand why you would start a whole other thread to keep this conversation going. I really think that if you had come onto the first thread with a heartfelt apology recognizing your mistakes all of this would have been forgiven and forgotten days ago. But instead you chose to defend your mistake. A little humility goes a long way. I believe that you did not *intend* to be rude. But it was received that way and a simple apology could have ended this right away.

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Cluck 2.0 only instead of being against the mods/admins hes against the providers?  Perhaps he invested heavily in shovels and is now trying to use them.

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Can I just say... I love that being accused of being Cluck is a thing. 

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I believe that you did not *intend* to be rude. But it was received that way and a simple apology could have ended this right away.


Oh I believe he did intend to be rude. He's made offensive, uncalled for remarks at both men and women on this site numerous times. 

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rose GladrielMoonR
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If its not racist its stereotyping with a touch of lowballing. Posting a rant like this certainly added op to a good few DNS list of fellow providers smh.

tophat EddieDean
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I think it is you that needs to make a public apology to Bunni.

I have never met Bunni, but I think it is pretty obvious on what she does or doesn't do from reading her reviews.

tophat cross717
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I think responsible and respectful behavior and treatment of providers comes light years before and is more important than responsible posting.

But then again, responsible behavior and treatment of others is a completely foreign concept to self entitled objectifying narcissists. 

I agree with Gladrielmoon, DNS away ladies. 

tophat cross717
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Oh okay, so he does pm everybody who responds to his posts or mentions his name? That's funny because that is what I figured he does.

Does he also block you from replying only to keep sending you messages too? Damn lurky ass attention seeking behavior if you ask me.