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About a year ago, I went for an FBSM session with a provider in the East Bay. Her ads as well as my conversations with her were clearly no GFE, only FBSM. And I was fine with that. However, on the flip, I could see she was getting quite excited, and her clothes came off, a rubber was on, and she was riding me. A full GFE!

When I left, she made sure I understood that this wouldn't happen again. (I've seen her again since then, and it was purely FBSM.)

My question to providers and hobbyists: has this happened to you?

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Yes it did.  My provider came in late and was all sweaty so she asked me to hop in the shower with her as she needed to rinse off. She started playing with me and then asked me if I had any condoms.  I said no but there was a store on the corner I could head down to and get some.  When I came back she was ready to go and she even asked for Greek.  I thought this all unusual but when I look back I'm going to bet she was on meth or something.  When I was leaving I had to remind her to take my donation.  

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Yeah, it happens. I once went into a FBSM session and within 10 min we were watching porn and drinking out of the mini bar. The session went straight into pse with greek. I left that day with my head spinning trying to comprehend what happened. 

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yes it happens.  This topic comes up now and then on the FBSM forum.

I've known a few that have taken advantage of me like that.  The most memorable was when I was with a now retired fbsm provider who at the flip let out a groan and then said to me "you are soooo my type", grabbed a cover and the rest is history.

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LOL oh it happens🤣

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Maybe I need to schedule with these FBSM providers.

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And when it happens, it is so combustibly exciting - in more ways than one!  LOL!


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