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tophat  austinampfan1980
Since: Nov-2016
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Visiting again and would like to see who is up for the task or anybody that can make a suggestion for someone that specializes in edging/worship/klixen style of play. I really have discovered how much more enjoyable it is to prolong the play. Bonus points for taboo roleplay as well. :)

Would be around union square area. 

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rose  Missmarlamoon
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I will be in the area tonight.

rose  AmberGolde
Since: Jul-2014
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I love when you guys make me feel innocent.... What is klixen?

tophat  3xOG
Since: Feb-2017
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A way of pleasuring a penis by oral sex. usually slow and teasing, involving pressing hands and only the tongue. once thought to be the name of a porn star. this style of oral sex is usually directed to the group of people that are more turned on by gentle slow touches...

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rose  HolliBerri
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 I'm in San Francisco through Monday and this is my specialty. Call me   

tophat  somesfguy
Since: Sep-2016
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I've never tried it but I would be totally into trying it! Too bad you're gone :(

tophat  austinampfan1980
Since: Nov-2016
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Back in town and bumping this thread

 doesn't show face mole cropped
rose  Rachelsonoma1
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Klixen is a slow, teasing hand release. Attention to the balls, fingers only, pressure, tapping on the man's member. The stroking doesn't get started rite away. Then, when it does, to the edge and back many times...yowza!

 Just to give you an idea, it can take can take 45-60 minutes.* Klixen is the name of a European practitioner who made how-to videos.

Silicone lube works best for this, but it stains sheets and is difficult to clean up. In the shower, you have to lather, scrub, rinse. Repeat. Oil is OK but this type of lube works better; it's thicker.

* Any man who can have this done to you longer than 60 minutes...please describe how that felt for you.

tophat  austinampfan1980
Since: Nov-2016
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for me, i have have done it to myself and also had one other do it to me. it takes absolute communication and the man needs to know when to tell the woman to slow down and when not too touch as well. Overall the sensation was body numbing and when it finally came to its end as we both decided it had been enough, my body shook and my ears started ringing. it was absolutely the best and longest orgasm I had ever had. 

to prepare I suggest abstaining for at least a week. it is beyond worth it. my new dragon to chase. 

tophat  Squiggy
Since: Feb-2015
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Ur thinking "tantrix"

Klixen is one of those reindeer like DasherPrancer, Comet, Cupid, and Klixen along with Rudolph (the captain),

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rose  AlluraAmour
Since: Jan-2017
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Slow touches..adding some fast intensifying teasing...that's the key! 😉 the balls and penis being stimulated all at once is sensory overload. 

tophat  Squiggy
Since: Feb-2015
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yep thats slow tantrix