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tophat milesmorales90
Since: Aug '17
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looking if anyone has info on this provider can’t find reviews anywhere

tophat Orangemancrush6
Since: Nov '14
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Miles, I don’t know bud, but I’d tread carefully.

I like to scan that site because there’s some beautiful women on there, and I’ve seen some of them,  but I question how many of them are fake. Most of them are legit, but the ones that have no website, no reviews, etc give me pause. I don’t even always believe the Eros verified ones. It seems odd that there would be fakes there, as I’ve heard it’s pretty expensive to advertise on that site.  Maybe someone with more knowledge can elaborate. 

Based on your join date date and no reviews, I’m assuming you’re new. If so, I’d suggest you find a well established lady with reviews from legitimate clients. Be patient and increase your odds of having a great first time. 

Have you googled her pics and whatever contact info is on her ad? You’d be surprised what you can find when you dig a little bit. 

Also, her ad says she was only in the BA until the end of January. Your search may be moot. 

Just my .02. Good luck.