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tophat Cheesesteakmonk
Since: May '17
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Who's absolutely must-not-miss near Union Square, with daytime availability? 

tophat Genki
Since: Mar '17
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There were a few lovely ladies visiting recently that were in the Union Square area but not sure if they are still around.

Perhaps you might consider doing a "search" though the providers ads and type in your requirements, you're sure to find something.

Oh!  Do share your experience with us - but use discretion please.

Good luck.


tophat Cheesesteakmonk
Since: May '17
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Unfortunately search isn't very specific geographically. 5 miles covers all of SF, almost and I don't have a rental car. Thus my hope, however forlorn, for specific recommendations. (Or responses from providers.)

tophat soundwave12
Since: Sep '14
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tophat Genki
Since: Mar '17
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Brother Monk,

Yes, unfortunately the search function does not work very well, and I presumed the suggestion would help.

I apologize I wasn't more helpful.

Good luck in your search!


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rose StephanieSweet<3
Since: Jun '17
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💞💖Not to toot my own horn but... beep beep!💖💞

I'm always available in union square or the general SF area. PM me for more info. Or just call me 😙  

                             -with 💘Steph

tophat cg34ia
Since: Nov '17
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Ditto that!

tophat peckerotis
Since: Jul '16
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Kamusta ka, Stephanie? You can toot your horn anytime you want. When are you going to have a SF or NB incall? Curious minds would like to know.

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rose Missmarlamoon
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Awe, I was just there. Alas I moved on to the marina area. It’s super low key.