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Any provider who is active while aunt flow is visiting. I am interested.

Tim curry legend o
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Any provider who is active while aunt flow is visiting. I am interested.

Hands down, the absolute best time to fuck your woman/ATF/whatever she is to you. 

Yeah Science. 

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rose The College Slut
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Most providers just put a sea or make up sponge (not as safe as the sea) in there and their partners don't even know. 

Oh some use that cervial cap, diva cup I think it's called. 

That article needs to get with the times! "Grab a towel" lol. 

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rose Marlee Love
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What is a sea 

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rose JustJamiBBW
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A sea sponge is a natural sponge... You can cut it into pieces and use it instead of a tampon to have sex on your period without the mess. Use to be a lot easier to find. Not sure where to buy them now. 

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Wish you had posted this a few days ago! 😜

rose delphine
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Doing stuff on your period is the best!

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Delphine, you're getting me warm ...

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Say Whaaaaaat! I remember a session I had several years ago with a fine ass thick Latina and got down with some daty and I had her number when I finished daty I noticed that the white bed linens looked like I butchered a razor back!

I felt it getting messy but I thought it was the O's she was having, thank Goodness she wasn't a stinker, I was massaging her clit so I never tasted the metallic taste that it has, kinda liver n onions is my taste on it? (No pun intended)

I've had a couple of stinkers and that's not cool when you're run off by the smell, shouldn't even be working! Jmhoo 

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rose Stacycavali17
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Period sex is geat i have to say ....i have light periods and i think thats why i like sex so much and can have it all the time even on my period...i smell fresh n clean.(some girls complain of odor from themselves very comon.)but i guess im a rare breed.

I love it but only have done openly with my bf interested in doing it as much as i was.

When my hormoes are up during that time i feel intensly horney love my partner to touch me or do me its a nice strong orgasm if you let a guy lick you.

Ive had many bf tell me they didnt mind doing me and licking me on my period they like it!!

Freaky but wierd........... i like it!!!:)~



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rose Lola.Love510
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The first day or 2 hmm maybe not in the mood to be bothered lol but after that I'm all for it! I'm not a heavy bleeder so you don't need to "grab a towel" 

rose Amethyst.Marie
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Sounds like I NEED 2 try...🙊🙊🙊  I'm a heavier bleeder.. Terrifying when you have no warnings2

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rose mia_masterson
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sea sponge

tophat charlesm
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You really should. My SO swears that it helps greatly with the cramps. I enjoy getting to do something considered horribly taboo... Kinda a win win.

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rose Katiebaby1797
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Ive tried sponges and have had a embarrassing and uncomfortable trip to the have any other ideas? Kind of a heavy bleeder and i nor do my regulars like bloody messy sex ..??....i dont know why im surprised so many do lol

tophat Deemorrison619
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Personally it's not for me but my old lady is alot hornier during that time. 

I think I had a provider who didn't tell me once. I never saw her again. I don't think it's cool to not tell your client. I had 2 providers this week tell me they were on and gave me the choice.....that's why they get my money.

Nothing wrong with diving in the red seas, I have to be really horny. But it's nature so I don't look at it in disgust just a personal choice to not. 

OP let us know how you liked it....

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Especial when you trying to earn your wings🤪😛😉👅

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Pussy is bit more rubbery and grippy...I love how it feels during the out stroke

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rose lSavannahLynn
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I use a cup (not while providing)  I purchased at Hustler. It’s soft silicone material that you can turn inside out to clean. It’s size and shape keeps it in place during sex He can’t feel it unless he’s huge.