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rose Lola.Love510
Since: Aug '16
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These thoughts come about as I have had quite a few faithfuls compliment me on my consistent safety, while others are like "no bbbj not even for extra? Bummer!"

It seems it is expected for a provider to agree to put her health at high risk for a few extra bucks...

do you guys ever think that a woman possibly just had sex with a few men, no hat, possibly has an infection before you go kissing her,giving daty and exchanging fluids without protection? Then other providers you see, are expected to believe you're clean and put themselves at risk even more so than you just did...

all these things run run through my mind when someone asks for these services. I can't possibly be the only one 🤷🏼‍♀️

tophat TheSeeker
Since: Sep '16
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It just amazes me how many providers offer GFE services and how many hobbyists seem to expect it. I say no thanks, I prefer not to take the risk. And it is a risk that gets exponentially higher depending on how many hobbyists a provider sees, and how many providers a those hobbyists see. 

tophat peckerotis
Since: Jul '16
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It amazes me how many people risk walking across the street. Don't they know what the risks are? What are the chances of surviving being hit by a Mac truck? Just read the news- people are being killed by cars daily and they still drive and cross the street. Imagine that!

tophat PresidentTedCruz
Since: May '16 Vip  
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What if you can't get turned on without some gfe? 

tophat Megatron
Since: Aug '14
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You're not the only one but you're not everybody either. Plenty of ladies who are smart, educated and savvy who researched and have had a lifetime of experience providing GFE and keep on thriving even from the days of Red Book.

They realize it's not that big a deal once they take certain precaution and keep up good hygiene.

The simpletons got scared shitless everytime they hear of STDs. They either still live in the 70s or just fell off the turnip truck yesterday. They are ill-informed and ignorant to know that today's modern medicine can treat pretty much ALL STDs.

Plenty of providers and hobbyists are THRIVING for years are REAL LIFE examples of how little risk there are.

But hey do whatever you're comfortable with. There are PLENTY of providers who will do what you won't and we men are more than happy to compensate them well for their services. They are our sweethearts and our beloved because they put out.

tophat TheSeeker
Since: Sep '16
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I'd prefer to not contract any STDs, even if they can be treated. Bottom line, everyone should do what they are comfortable with, and I'm just not comfortable with the GFE level of exposure and risk.