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rose Alisha Banks
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So I'm on BC for the first time ever and I love it. So no more monthly menstrual cycles, I was 220lbs now I'm 170 helping me also to control my hormones my monthly bitch syndrome lol my notorious PMS friend. I always use protection but just got on BC for the perks. What method are you on ladies plz share let's talk about birth control lol !!

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rose Camilla.marino
Since: Mar '17
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I had a copper IUD for 7 years, and have been using the Fertility Awareness Method for 6 months now. I love it! 

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Mod icon md MissHolly
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It does have it's perks, such as a shorter, not so intense cycle, and does balance out hormones as long as you don't use the high dose methods.

But how did you lose weight?! Usually BC makes women gain weight.

I use the pill. But I also always use protection because I hot on BC for the perks as well lol

I once tried the patch. OMG it was horrible! Nobody told me that it was high dose of hormones. I was having mood swings, crying all the time, the worst cramps of my life! Now I always make sure to ask for something that is low dose. 

I also tried the ring. It's way bigger than I had thought it was and it was complete crap (in my opinion), but different strokes for different folks.

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rose Celine Grove
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Vasectomy is the best method of birth control ✌️

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rose VanessaBella
Since: Dec '16
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My favorite perk is not getting preggers

Currently on the shot and have been for a little over 3 years. I love the 'no monthly' but hate the weight gain. Haven't really had any other side effects.

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rose superhead
Since: Jul '14
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I had my tubes tied years ago. 

Other than condoms nothing else

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tophat lovergrrl
Since: Jun '17
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 The best part about BC is never having to use it or worry about it,  lol 

rose Alisha Banks
Since: Mar '16
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I love my BC ladies and sticking with my method long term.