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tophat Btfoak510
Since: Jun '17
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The web provides info on the risks involved for the guy getting a BJ with a condom (clamydia, gonorheaa, etc) but almost nothing on how high the risk actually is. I heard from one doc that it's very low. 

I'm curious if any of you hobbyists have ever contracted anything from getting a cbj.

tophat cluck
Since: Nov '15
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I caught a latex allergy once.

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tophat Zep
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Since I'm a BBBJ kind of guy, I got a bad case of depression the last one I had.  

tophat peckerotis
Since: Jul '16
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No condom has ever given me a STD. I make sure they stay in my wallet.

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tophat EmperorJNorton
Since: Apr '17
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I can say with absolute honesty I've never caught anything while using a rubber.  Also I haven't passed on my genes while using said prophylactic.  That being said I find it hard to believe that you'd catch anything from a CBJ unless you were already massively immuno compromised and the provider was a textbook example of ghonnasyphaherpaloids personified.  And you had open wounds.

tophat Btfoak510
Since: Jun '17
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Neither have I but I suppose it's possible with a broken condom. Even then you'd still need an exchange of bodily fluids, right?

tophat Unaged
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I have never caught one from a BJ regardless of kind

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tophat EmperorJNorton
Since: Apr '17
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Everything is possible.  But sure if a warm/wet moisture laden orifice is attached to you and the raincoat breaks you could get something.  Sadly the only "safe" option is that old Catholic thing of abstain.

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tophat Dr.PallMall
Since: Feb '15
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If I caught an std how could I possibly even know which hooker/passed out bar patron/s.o pressured to give it up, gave it to me?

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tophat EmperorJNorton
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I joke but theres only six options: Rosie Palm or one of her five sisters.

tophat cluck
Since: Nov '15
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You masturbate using one finger?

tophat freakylos
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Only time you can get an std from a CBJ is if the condom was already used and recycled. I know but there are reports that some amps recycle their condoms and don't clean them very good. 

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rose IvyGorgeousVIP
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You masturbate using one finger?


😂 choked on my macchiato 


tophat LoveStockings
Since: May '15
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Where is this report.  Condoms are cheap.  Nobody would spend time cleaning a condom.  Sounds like extremely fake news.

tophat Drummer69
Since: May '17
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Here is a tip from the heart! Stop doing this high risk, emotionally empty activity, find a true relationship, make sure your partner is on the same page, and have fun! Feel free to back lash on me, because the truth hurts.

tophat Megatron
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Why would anybody listen to your cheap worthless stinking ugly tip when even you don't follow it yourself? otherwise why would you be here on this web site and already having 5 reviews under your belt?

tophat Val_Killmore
Since: Mar '17
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Do not listen to a word Megatron says Drummer. You make a very good point. The guys stuck in the high risk stuff like Mega hate to hear the truth because it doesn't fall in line with what he is currently doing. He is of the same skill set as the fools that think aids is a hoax. That is how dumb he is.

tophat Vorty
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Wow, I feel warm and fuzzy now...

tophat PAteo
Since: Jul '14
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Here's some info from about BBBJs that would also apply to CBJs, to a lesser extent:

BBBJs are basically safe sex (according to STD doctors)

Go learn directly from the STD doctor posts there, reach your own conclusions and then make your own decisions on whether you continue with CBJs, BBBJs or just HJs.

tophat MeatPole
Since: Jul '14
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For me, proof enough that BBBJ is okay is the fact that the European porn industry has outlawed the making of pornos involving uncovered coitus and anal, but BBBJ is allowed.  The Europeans have long been pioneers in sexual health and use science to back their decisions always.  I'm satisfied.

However, people are going to believe what they want to believe, and reading the overwhelming evidence most probably will not change their minds if they've told themselves it's risky.  No everyone is open minded to the truth, a perfect example is global warming...overwhelming evidence, still a ton of flat earthers denying it...

tophat JAYJAY
Since: Jan '16
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HSV1 and HSV2 are a risk with a condom. HSV1 much more likely. Any skin to skin contact puts you at risk for herpes. So in short what the rubber doesent cover like your shaft base and pelvic area are open for the virus. This is more likely ofcourse with intercourse.

tophat Dan1
Since: Oct '17
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I heard that if it's good to wash everything around the penis after having sex with a strange partner, then everything will be okay

tophat Beefy
Since: Dec '14
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Just buy a full body latex suit and have sex in a gaint vat of hand sanitizer

tophat ZooKeeper1984
Since: Aug '17
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Lol, no, I recieved a bbj this week, didn't get anything

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rose AmyDivine
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I caught a cold giving a bbbj one time......although, that could have been because he sneezed in my face while his willy was down my throat.....................