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Last night was the first time ever I had food get caught in my throat.  Started out as a lump being forced down with pain. Then the pain and lump sensation ended, and what was to follow was scary, my throat seized up, locked and I couldn't breath, yell or anything...I was alone no one to help me, I knew I was in big trouble with only minutes or less before I passed out....I went to the sink tried to drink some water, no good. I raised my abdomen over the lip of the sink and came crashing down on the narrow edge of the sink and counter with such force the food came shooting out,  I was lucky....I knew to do this from CPR training I received years ago..the Heimlich maneuver, Everyone should be familiar with it, you never know what can happen or when it will happen.. you just might save your own life...


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Close call, you played it perfectly. Kept your calm and followed your training.

It's a good day to be alive.

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Keeping your cool and being educated just saved your life. A good lesson for all of us. Welcome back!

tophat stevenvisalia
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It was a strange sensation to say the least...At first I felt a lump in my throat and I tried to cough it up but it just move downwards with pain.  Then the pain stopped and I didn't feel anything thought I had swallowed it. I wasn't aware of what was happening or how serious it was going to get until the sensation of the lump returned stuck in on place and couldn't breath....It wasn't anything like you see in the movies.  And it wasn't a big piece of meat that  a person would think they would choke on....Times like this I am thankful I got a big belly otherwise I would have probably broke some ribs hitting the counter like that but it beats dead....

Everyone should be aware what to do when is why I shared my incident hopefully, it will save someone....


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Hi stevenvisalia,

I've been dealing with food trauma from childhood.  My dad abused all his kids at the dinner table.  This last year, it was in my face.  Trapped emotions in the body can cause chocking.  I can finally eat an apple and not throw up.  Check out the emotion and body code by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  Being alone and chocking is not funny.  I know.  When the body gets loaded up with emotions all kinds stuff happens.  Zoe Zane

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Just a couple of weekends' ago i was at a family dinner and this topic surfaced among a few of us at the table as we observed someone taking large bites of food.  I chimed in with 'You eat like that all the time? What if you're by yourself and you choke?'  Someone mentioned the self-induced Heimlich maneuver (which is good to know just in case) as is basic CPR never know when you may require them.  However, if you're eating alone, just take smaller sized bites and enjoy the meal.  You can reduce the risk of this ever happening at all and trigger what is known as dysphagia.  Below is a link that describes what this is and the common habits that can cause it.


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I had a panic attack just reading this sheesh, thanks for educating me...Glad you're okay!

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Good thing you kept your wits and remembered your training.

I remember in school they suggested using the back of a chair.

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It doesn't even have to be solid food. Even a small gulp of water can choke and suffocate. I'm glad you're now ok to tell the tale. 

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Wow, I am glad you are fine man! Also a back of a chair works, anything that you can apply pressure to that area! What helps for me is to make sure it takes me at least 1 hour to eat my meal. I know most of the time we are in a hurry, but taking one's time and small bites should lessen the chance of chocking. Another thing that is scary, when the water goes down the wrong pipe! 

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Glad you're okay. This is a good lesson for me. A cold mind is what everyone needs in a difficult situation

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This is actually a fear of mine. I've choked twice in my life, both as a kid, and they were pretty scary. Once with Pbj and other with a piece of meat. The panic that sets in once you start choking is unreal. 

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I was lucky enough to learn CPR in high school because one of my classes required it.

I do remember the lesson on what to do when you are choking and alone. I believe they told us to do as you did, but using a chair or something similar.

OMG, I recently was eating some piping hot rice that I had just made, and I took a big bite and swallowed. The rice didn't burn me until it reached my throat. What a horrible pain! I couldn't swallow. Couldn't spit it out. Luckily i had something to drink right next to me. The next day, i had a sore throat, and it felt like when you burn the roof of your mouth, but in my throat! I learned my lesson.

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Don't forget to follow the rules and chew each bite 24 times! :) Firemen actually respond to this type of medical emergency more often than they respond to fires, except when major fires such as CA has now. 

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It was scary don't know what would have happened if the meat didn't pop out....couldn't call 911 couldn't talk and don't know if they could do anything if their response time is more than 5 minutes I wouldn't want to come back with brain enough brain damage as it is....Sure does make you think about things when you are alone.....


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Choking is truly an emergency! Great you helped yourself out.i train people to use a chair to help themselves. You should have dailed 911. If you would have never cleared the obstruction you would have died. calling 911 at least you will get a follow up if your number is tied to your address and responders would show up to start cpr. some counties are able to receive test messages if you couldn’t speak. every now and then I put together classes for those to take.  It’s an 8 hour class for cpr and and first aid class but well worth surprised more people don’t take it. For those of you that have kids, older parents, close ones or women seeing older men learning to deal with an emergency should be on your things to learn. Doesn’t cost a lot.