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Just a reminder to providers to check for bedbugs in the room. Bedbugs can happen in high end as well as low end hotels. All that needs to happen is one stray bedbug to crawl onto someones luggage and crawl off in a new room for an infestation to happen. 
Since you all go into new rooms often best to check under the beds and cushions before bringing your luggage in. 

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They won’t be hiding under the bed but in the wall sockets until night time when they crawl out and nibble on your blood. That’s right! You bring just one pregnant momma home and thee only cure is $1800 to have someone spray! Nothing else will kill them and the spraying insect company has to come twice to secure killing Any eggs left after the adults were killed a week before! Fun! 😳

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When a provider comes into a room (this applies to anyone staying in a hotel), she should look under the mattress before even bringing luggage in. If there are any black spots, especially around the seams she should ask for a new room. 

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Anytime I stay at a hotel I never put my luggage or clothes on the bed to prevent those little suckers from hitching a ride, when I get home I put my luggage on the floor and wash all the clothes. I know that sounds extreme but I've never had a problem with bedbugs at my house.

Bedbugs(and their eggs) die at 122F, a hot water wash or drying them on medium will kill them.