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tophat escape
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Just a reminder to providers to check for bedbugs in the room. Bedbugs can happen in high end as well as low end hotels. All that needs to happen is one stray bedbug to crawl onto someones luggage and crawl off in a new room for an infestation to happen. 
Since you all go into new rooms often best to check under the beds and cushions before bringing your luggage in. 

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They won’t be hiding under the bed but in the wall sockets until night time when they crawl out and nibble on your blood. That’s right! You bring just one pregnant momma home and thee only cure is $1800 to have someone spray! Nothing else will kill them and the spraying insect company has to come twice to secure killing Any eggs left after the adults were killed a week before! Fun! 😳

tophat escape
Since: Aug '14
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When a provider comes into a room (this applies to anyone staying in a hotel), she should look under the mattress before even bringing luggage in. If there are any black spots, especially around the seams she should ask for a new room. 

tophat romanticlover
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Anytime I stay at a hotel I never put my luggage or clothes on the bed to prevent those little suckers from hitching a ride, when I get home I put my luggage on the floor and wash all the clothes. I know that sounds extreme but I've never had a problem with bedbugs at my house.

Bedbugs(and their eggs) die at 122F, a hot water wash or drying them on medium will kill them.

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I wash my clothes when I bring them from the store I bought them from.

Nothing is to extreme 

tophat Kevin_Karma
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hot shot bed bug gallon pump spray kills them and only 10 dollars.....but spray every 2 week to ensure.....they usually hide in headboards

rose maiyarosee619
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Ive been providing for over 4 years and have NEVER got bed bugs, and have also humbly stayed in anything from a 1* to a 5*...... But now im freaking paranoid lol wth!!!!!! Thanks for bringing it into existence LOL

tophat escape
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They hitchhike on people's luggage. 

rose Luna Kali
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I'm extra worried about coming into contact with bugs so when I arrive at my room, I place the suitcases I bring inside huge black plastic garbage bags and in the closet. If I need lingerie or something, I open the bag, grab what I need from my suitcases and tie it right up. I agree with your degree of paranoia! They can't hitch a ride on something slippery so the garbage bags are the barrier. 

tophat escape
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I go into a room leave my luggage in the bathtub or outside and check for them under the mattress. They leave signs like black specs etc. If none, I still leave my bags on the glass desk.

tophat Squiggy
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Sometimes its wise to check in but leave luggage in the car trunk.

tophat AbeKanan
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bed bugs will hitch a ride with you no matter what.

take as many precautions as you can and hope for the best

rose gracy
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I just has to agree with you sir bed bugs are really a problem. Hotels have to take care that guests should face this problem.

I have watched you tube videos that hotels are not providing equipment to their house-keeping staff to keep the premise clean and safe from bugs.

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Great thread ! I check whenever or wherever I am Work or play Air b an b hotel motel All you do is turn down all the sheets and look in the seams as the OP has said You want to look for tiny brown spots Tiny See them get out Check before any belonging are brought in Thanks for the tread !

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These little guys also live in wood and the carpet!

You have to check everything especially in Airbnb. People will just replace mattress and they will still have them in carpet or furniture.

I watched a monster in me episode where a toddler was being bit and parents couldn’t figure out why when her mattress was plastic. Come to find out the infestation was in dresser and changing table. They would leave furniture to feed and then go back.

tophat Squiggy
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Yaknow theres some websites where u can look up thehotel to see if there on the black list cuz I rememberr i was suprised when that ARIA hotel in vegas was listed.  Thats 500 a nite.

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rose Rachelsonoma1
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Does anyone know ways to protect your luggage? Does it work to place the entire suitcase in a garbage bag at nite? 

tophat romanticlover
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The garbage bag is a good idea but I've never tried it, I use the folding luggage stand and the hangers. Putting clothes in the dresser is risky because they might be hiding in there. Bedbugs can't jump or fly so keeping your luggage off the floor is the best policy.

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rose NatalieBanks
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Just in case anyone needs a better idea what theyre looking for; here are 2 pictures i took myself (was hoping after showing the front desk these pics that i'd either be granted a refund or at minimum allowed to switch rooms.  Nope, neither happened.  In fact, they didnt seem even mildly phased by the news i came to report).  Needless to say, will NEVER be staying there again.  I had to throw away 2 personal blankets.  

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this thread really bugs me - I'll strip and burn everything before going inside