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tophat buddyluv
Since: May '17
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Curious. It is inappropriate to ask a provider if she is STD free and if so do they have proof they can provide?

tophat peckerotis
Since: Jul '16
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That's the quickest way to kill a session.

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rose MsBaileyinLA
Since: Oct '17
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I personally do not have an issue with the question but it should be proposed to the provider prior to the meet. It should not be something that is brought up in session b/c yes, that and "can you check this lump for me" are both the quickest ways to kill a session. Even though all fs is covered for me, things do happen and people who live in the real world realize this and get themselves tested regularly but if you ask the question - be prepared to furnish your own proof as well. Quite unfair to ask if you can't provide the same upon request. 

tophat buddyluv
Since: May '17
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Thx, New at this but have enough common sense to ask before not during the meet up.

tophat buddyluv
Since: May '17
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that totally fair and makes sense, I'm free and would be willing to show proof and would never ask during but prior to meet and greet. Thank you.

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rose AmyDivine
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I find this highly amusing...

So I get checked every 6 wks. Now, ANYTHING could happen in that next 6 weeks where I could catch a case. So how does that help you? I mean seriously...........I will put this very realistically. You are fucking whores. We fuck many guys in a 6 wk time period. Even low volume is not truly low volume. You never know when a condom could have broke, got stuck.....went missing (where the fuck did that rubber go!?). So it's virtually pointless, very irritating, and I just say no. If they want my services after that, great, if not, no sweat.

tophat shadowworlds
Since: Jan '15
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I remember in Korea many years ago the girls that worked in the bars used to have VD  card. All it really meant well nothing you could ask mamason and she would give you one for yourself. LOL 😂