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tophat  Bogey
Since: May-2017
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I seen a bunch of stuff about fisting lately and was wondering if it was for real. I'm not sure why but I find myself really wanting to find a woman who is into being fisted. I've asked some female friends about this and they said that my hands are just way too big to achieve that wrist deep fisting that I have been fantasizing about. I've been told that the stuff that you see on porn sites is unrealistic movie magic and if I did find a woman who could do that she probably wouldn't admit to it anyways. Oh well, I guess it's good to have fantasies. Thanks for reading this. It was therapeutic and a whole lot cheaper than paying a psychiatrist. haha ✊

tophat  JustinCase
Since: Oct-2014
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Damn, I  thought someone was setting up a fishing trip

tophat  Bogey
Since: May-2017
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Damn, I sure screwed that one up.

tophat  Jackcough69
Since: Apr-2015
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I did too got all happy 

tophat  Deckard26054
Since: Mar-2015
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After reading the post, I looked at my hands and wondered how either party could enjoy this. 

But hey FOG, if you find a gal that likes the foot, heal and ankle
that could be real special, and expect you will give a full report on it.