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As a non-VIP member, I can't see the recent reviews. It looks like itsolive<3 changed her user name to Tori'srules ? Can anyone confirm that Tori'srules is actually itsolive ?

Also, does Nightshift combine the old account reviews with a newly created account?



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tophat Excited2eatU
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This I believe is her 3rd name change, started taking some low scoring. Might be WHY name change again.. :(

tophat Charlie
Since: Oct '14
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Yes that is Its_Olive. There is a reason why she's changed her profile a bunch of times; its because she is a total flake who been tagged by other hobbyist for flaking, lying and on a few occasions racist comments etc. He pics look hot but i'd avoid. Seems to have issues GALORE!

tophat EL
Since: Jan '15
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 It’s Olivia and she is not fake or a flake.    If you’ve seen her you know she’s awesome.   The real deal. I would imagine being as beautiful as she is, Nsgfe, and more than reasonable rates that her services are in high demand.  It took me about a month of phone tag and even more than one drive to her location and being stood up until I actually was able to see her.  Once youve seen her you will have priority over those who have not since after the first session its been much easier to see her....

Patience with a hard on isnt easy...but trust you wont regret the extra efforts put forth to see her...

tophat WonkaWillie
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I’ve attempted contacting her multiple times (3 or 4 by now). She’s even texted me back then cut off communication. She’s flakes on every attempted meeting so I just stopped trying. I’m sure she’s great but I have no way to know. 

tophat slingshotwhatigot
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She flaked on me about 8 months ago. She had me go to a location near her in-call. Then stalled for like 30 minutes or so. I left then she got mad lol.


tophat shinman
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She's a total flake and time waster.  Probably due to her being strung out all the time.  She'll initiate contact and then when you contact her back immediately, she will go dark on you.  Then an hour later will respond and then repeat.  5 hours to set something up with her and then another hour of saying never mind because she wouldn't send me an address to head to.  Then she gets mad at you for wasting her time.  You guys can say all you want about how great she is.  She obviously isn't since everyone here seems to have the same story with her.

tophat cycleking
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I've never seen her, but isn't your entire description the definition of a flake? Especially that part about driving to her residence not to be seen??? Presumably. Did I miss something here?

 "It took me about a month of phone tag and even more than one drive to her location and being stood up until I actually was able to see her."

Edit: I see you are not very active here. All good, but do take note of the further info soon to flow from others about this :)

tophat WonkaWillie
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Ding ding ding! That’s correct!

tophat addictedtolove
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Why don't you write her a shill review?

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Like we don't have many of those already.  Must be 25% of reviews are suspect.

rose Tori'sRules
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I find it hilarious that you guys claim how horrible I am but constantly have the time to follow my listings and post about information you dont even know, why does it matter what my handle is? 

rose Tori'sRules
Since: Jan '18
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Thanks for having my back EL;)

Come see me soon! 

tophat flimflammed
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I don’t understand why NS doesn’t attach the ItsOlive reviews to tbe new handle since it’s the same girl 🤔

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Hey guys, I too can vouch that if you see her, her service is what we want.  Now, if I didn't wait it out for her to get ready, I wouldn't have known and probably would feel the same as those who didn't experience, I totally understand.  But since I did experience her session (since I also work in midtown), I can't wait to go back.  I'm just telling everyone that, yes, I had to wait too long but also yes, she cares about the session once you do make it in and is a very sweet provider.  Both sides of this argument are correct in one way or the other.