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tophat ComradeSex
Since: Jan '17
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Does  anyone have good recommendations for chicks with Nice big plump asses. I once round good with Doggy style?

Img 6412
rose Miss Ella
Since: Mar '17
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Did I just have a stroke, or does the last sentence not make sense?

tophat ThatGuyCM
Since: Oct '16
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It could use some editing...

tophat romanticlover
Since: Oct '17
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Say it out loud in a thick Russian accent and it makes perfect sense, I think I will try it on a woman tonight at a bar:

"Hey foxy mama, I once round good with doggy style?"

tophat MrDelicious
Since: Jun '14
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I used to think the term "nice ass" meant a toned bubble-butt ass

but later i realized some mean have extremely different takes on what a "nice big plump ass" is.

Seems that these days it often means "the bigger the better" regardless of tone or fitness.

I stopped giving recommendations when i realized how widely varied the same description can be interpreted.

This is my definition.

rose psychokunt
Since: Feb '16
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Image result for chubby blonde perfect assImage result for chubby blonde perfect assImage result for chubby blonde perfect assImage result for chubby blonde perfect assImage result for chubby blonde perfect ass

if anyone knows where i can find a girl even remotely perfect asses as any of these, tell her ill make her the happiest god damn pillow princess on earth. 

tophat Taving
Since: Jul '15
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Hells Belles

tophat Sneakpeak
Since: Jan '16
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This one was in sac doing outcals last week.  That view from behind seems to be exactly what you are looking for.  

tophat kidinacandystore
Since: Sep '14
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tophat Amritalover`
Since: Nov '15
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tophat luckyiam
Since: Jun '14 Vip  
pushpin 698 - 43 Reviews

Ravenbaybee got a really nice ass

tophat snatchsingle
Since: Jul '17
pushpin 231 - Qr 9 Reviews

Ill take that kind of booty all day long.  Nice round and thick.  I have spent the better part of nost of my encounters just giving booty massages. Im a butt guy for sure.

  Thats kinda what your booty looks like in pics. 

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rose Lisette London
Since: Sep '17
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Oh myyy thank you Honey for nominating me. All those hours under a squat bar have really paid off. The lingering question answered...YESS it’s real! Toned, muscular, bubble butt that’ll put a Kardashian to shame lol 😉😱🍑 

I do massages but I also love receiving booty massages from a respectful gentleman. Drop me a line if a perfect

 booty and a golden touch is what you seek. ✨

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tophat Logic916
Since: Apr '16
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Wow... That ass 😍😍😍 .....god it sucks you only do massages 😩

tophat Furycoach
Since: Jan '17
pushpin 492 - 11 Reviews

Yes it does!! But it might just be worth the donation to see that amazing ass in person!!