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tophat jjhux
Since: Nov '15
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I love seeing "no texting" in ads. I only text because I can't make phone calls to setup appointments.  I work, and I have people around me that I don't want to hear me ask "do you do babeback blowjobs?" out loud.  I usually text, figure it all out and I'm happy to call when I leave to get into my car or when I'm outside the hotel.  But honestly, I think a lot of providers are missing out when they put that in their ads.  I know they get a lot of texts that lead to nowhere, but the phone calls must too.  Also, you are likely to get less people contacting you (like me).

Also, when they say "call/text me from your real number" is just another way to say, good-bye.  Why would I use my real number?  Do any hobbyists (or providers for that matter) use their real numbers?  And if you do, what the fuck is wrong with you?

tophat Shagnasty
Since: Oct '15
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I agree!  If an ad says no texts, I won’t bother calling.  If I text to ask if she’s available and she responds “please call,” then that’s the end of my inquiry.  I really don’t like voice calls when setting up an appointment.  

I dont think ive had a chick ask for my “real number,” but I sure as hell wouldn’t give it to her.  

tophat Marks3432
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I have a burner pay as you go phone; Texting or calling is never a problem.

If I had to talk to a provider while at the office, i'd step outside for a min; or do my starbucks run :) 

tophat jjhux
Since: Nov '15
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Still doesn't work for me.  I work where there are people everywhere, up and down the halls (walls are thin too), in the bathrooms, in the elevator, in the lobby, outside smoking, at the coffee shop, etc.  No offense to anyone that doesn't give a shit about hooking up with hookers on the phone, but I prefer to keep it discreet.  I still don't want to be out loud, anywhere, saying "$10 blow jobs, shit, I'm in!".  I prefer text to set it up (time, donation and services) and then I can call when I leave or get there.

I'm not sure why girls even need to hear my voice before the meeting.  I sound like a cop to some, not a cop to others.  How the hell can you tell?  It's like asking if I'm law enforcement.  It's not going to do a damn thing to protect you from the law.  My voice isn't going to change me banging you out, or not.  Give me a good time, a good place and a good price and I'll be there.  If you are flaky or bat-and-switch, then I'm walking, but still, no need to hear my voice.  What, I'm going to call and you say "hi" and I say back "I'm a cop I'm coming to arrest you".  WTF?

And yes, a burner is a must in this hobby.  Any provider that asks for my "real" number, it's done right there.  That to me means they just don't to let me fuck their holes, or they are incredibly naive and/or stupid.  Move on to the next.

tophat baddad1
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I actually prefer to talk, especially if I'm doing a toftt. When I call and a girls voice answers then at least we made it past step 1, then with a little chit chat I can get a basic feel of who i'm dealing with. If I get a bad feeling/vibe I just move on. With texting you don't know who's on the other end. Other then those instances I mostly text the ladies, it's just easier.

tophat miketx
Since: Oct '14
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Hi Fellow .......

If a gal does not want to talk on the phone I want nothing to do with her.

The phone conversation is almost the same as an interview. One can tell by the tone, words used, politeness, etc. if it will be a good experience or not. Talking on the phone is the only way to go. Think.

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rose Jaderose83
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My personal preference is text. I rarely answer the phone if it's an unknown # because too often there is just a wanker on the other end of the phone that wants to tell me all about their fantasies while they wank. And never actually show up for an appointment. So I avoid answering unknown #'s. It may mean that I miss out on some sessions. But it's better for my mental health. 

Also, more often than not I am not someplace where I can speak freely about hobby stuff on the phone. 

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tophat BigboyV
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Agreed 💯%

tophat Stainless
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I much prefer text for privacy and efficiency. Most providers I have seen, are happy to text after a first meeting even if their ad says otherwise. For an introduction including references and personal details, email or PM as the lady prefers. In my experience, ladies who insist on the phone call are being cautious at the expense of convenience. It’s worth it to them; case-by-case for me. 

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rose Summer77
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😄I imagine there are a lot of wankers who call us on a daily basis to just chit chat about whatever their little head is entertaining - because I think they all called me in my first five years. 😂😂😂 Outside our sessions with the adult special friends we meet here in our little steamy part of the internet world - many of us work at other "plain Jane" jobs (are building/furthering careers in different/sometimes related fields of study), are raising children, cooking, getting in time for my own spiritual/spiritual fitness, cleaning, driving and or otherwise leading quiet really NORMAL appearing lives. 😎 Otherwise, I make sure I lounge around in my lingerie - for at least 5.6-8 minutes - per day - cellphone in one hand - vibrating dildo in the other - eagerly awaiting to discuss sex acts for money (FEAR TURNS ME ON PEOPLES 😂😂😂). In fact, BY ALL MEANS -discussing your fantasies for FREE make all this spare time I've got MORE productive. If a guy hates texting - a simple text stating, "plz call when u can" and I will call ASAP. 😘😘😘 XoxoS77

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tophat Stainless
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A sense of humor is so sexy. Seriously. 

tophat Farthernature69
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For a first visit I prefer calling and talking first.  I can get a vibe from her, services, request outfits, and find out their approx incall location.  I can ask a lot of questions and most people don't realize how many questions can be asked and answered in a quick manor.  I have called providers and they were drunk or stoned and couldn't put two consecutive words together.  

If I am at work I can use the excuse I need to get something out of my car and make a phone call on my break from the parking lot.

For the 2nd visit I can sent texts.

The ads that bother me are providers I have an interest but require you to send an email or a pm but then complain "why does no one come to see me."