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rose RaquelRain96
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Hello there was needing feedback on San raf I've been to a few sketchy places a few guys don't prefer  only because at the time I was saving n on a budget.😩

and I'm totally understanding of this quality over quantity.....I just need to know we're can I find a nice decent place surrounding the San Rafael area

i kind of. Don't want to be all the way in San Rafael. But maybe Surrounded Areas with some decent prices .i just can't afford to be buying 400& rooms everyday for the simple fact there's chances of burnt missions wasted Gas  False or rescheduled  appt etc so I'll rather save me some time this time round to get a lil insight from u guys ☺️♥️Raq 

Don knotts
tophat Peckerwood Joe
Since: May '17
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I was here 5 or so years ago .Decent and fairly large .So people in and out should be OK . Good bar and restaurant short walk .Burger King across the street  and right  off the freeway . 3 miles north of San Rafael . But looks like $250 per plus of coarse the taxes . happy hunting .;dstt:8;lbl:b_1283783415;cur:USD;dsts:Novato;start:2017-05-18;end:2017-05-19;rad:0;wa:0;rmcnf:1[2,0];sf:1;#availableRoomsDiv

tophat DavyGoode
Since: Mar '17
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As a long-time North Bay hobbyist, I always felt weird going to the local hotels, simply because there are so few people around.  I can't vouch for the provider-friendliness of any of the hotels around here, but I've seen providers at the Four Points by Sheraton in the northern part of San Rafael the Marin Suites hotel in Corte Madera, and the Courtyard by Marriott in Larkspur.  The first two are fairly discreet in that you don't have to walk by the front desk to access the rooms; at the Courtyard, Embassy Suites (San Rafael) and Acqua (Mill Valley) Hotels, I believe you do.  There is a nice Best Western in Corte Madera that is nice, but it tends to draw a lot of families given that it has a large pool.

I can't speak for others, but you're right to avoid the hotels in the Canal district of San Rafael.  The busts tend to happen there.

Novato may be a better bet depending on where your clients are coming from.  There are decent newer hotels there, and even though they're not terribly upscale, they're fairly discreet and a bit less expensive than the hotels in southern Marin.

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tophat Dr.PallMall
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My favorite hobby spot in SR is the already cited 4 points. Some of the reasons I like it I won't mention here. Others are proximity to Northgate Mall and the highway. 175 a night mid week next week. 

I also enjoy hobbying in Novato, mill valley, Sausalito, corte Madera, those places you speak of that aren't SR? I find some of the hotels in those towns to be cheap and dingy but I don't find any of them dangerous.

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Tiger 06
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The Embassy suites in San Rafael across/down the street from the Blue Roof Inn (county Jail and Sheriffs Office)?  Mill Valley? At least one of the highway motels there has called the cops on married couples they thought were a working girl/john.  One or two of the other Mill Valley places are mob owned.  Fun sleepy town.