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tophat VictorM63
Since: Jun '17
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Has anyone checked out this massage parlor? I keep seeing it advertised on BP but haven't seen anything about it here or on rubmaps.

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tophat LD Boytoy
Since: Oct '15
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What do you wanna know? PM me 

tophat Genki
Since: Mar '17
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Brother Victor,

The ladies in the ad are definitely not the ones you will be seeing there - that's for sure!

BP is notorious for B&S ad photos.


tophat MendoMan
Since: Nov '14
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You can get both hard drives worked on at the same time.

tophat Paperpplanes
Since: Oct '15
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Any updates on this place? The rain isnt making it fun out here

tophat Baybadboy
Since: Jul '16
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Not repeatable