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tophat Infinitebliss666
Since: Sep-2017
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Any providers in Vacaville that can meet today?

tophat Squiggy
Since: Feb-2015
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I guess the newbie don't call them providers- they should call him. 

tophat darryl12000
Since: Jan-2016
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Go to the provider outlet its right next to Under Armour 

They have white bitches, black bitches, Asian bitches, Indian bitches, whatever you want 

tophat cowboy40
Since: Oct-2015
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Provider outlet.. what is that?

tophat darryl12000
Since: Jan-2016
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Lmao it's a joke 

they have like 130 outlets in the outlet mall, so why not a Provider outlet? 

Since: Apr-2015
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Too funny!

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tophat jayblank23
Since: Jul-2014 Vip  
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I've since given up on Vallejo/Fairfield/Vacaville. Tons of fakes, even more flakes. And tons of ads in Vallejo that are no AA, even though that a major demographic in the area and I'd assume most non-AA guys are going to be apprehensive meeting a provider in Vallejo at the notell motels.

rose VIPNuruGoddess
Since: Jun-2017 Vip  
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I live near there :)