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tophat wtrea3
Since: Dec '17
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I am new to the Asian massage parlor in the Bay area never been to one was wondering how they work

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tophat Naughty4uandme
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You go in, pay the lady, then get a massage, it's that simple and easy. 

tophat Hobbyorretire
Since: Jun '15
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... then follow her lead. Don’t be too shy to say what you want but don’t rush her either. Give a little hint early that you are good with touching both ways. If she hugs you at the door slide you have over her ass. Don’t just grab her just slide down and rest it there. If she flips you on your back and keeps massaging you again slide your hand up her leg to her ass. Sometimes they aren’t sure about you so you have to make a move. Happy hunting

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tophat Sausage
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It's just like this...

tophat SureLets
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You're welcome, Dude - have fun out there, Bro!


tophat peekwow
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This is what I do. I walk into the room and get undressed (nude). There will be a towel on the table to cover up with. I will pick it up and move it to another table or chair. Keep it folded so they don’t have to refold it later. It’s a little sign of showing respect imo. I lay face down, uncovered obviously. When they walk in, they usually greet me and smack my buns. I usually giggle a little and say hi, ask how they are doing, and ask their name. When the massage begins, they will ask if you have been there before. If it’s your first time there, just say this is your first time and you have heard good things about this place. During the massage, they (usually Asians in my experience) will start to play with your butt crack. Just open up your legs a little and/or hike your butt up a little. Sometimes she will ask if you like this. Just say oh yes and enjoy the rest of the session! I’ve had one non-Asian just ask if I would like to tip. I said yes and then she asked me to flip. Upon exposing my front side, then a menu was offered. 

I have never ever run my hands up the legs or ass of the masseuse. I know it’s in their business, I just wouldn’t want to cross their boundary or offend them. Even if I’m flipped and she’s full stroking, I still ask if it’s ok if I touch her. Again, it shows respect. I think they appreciate this and will open up more to you. Ymmv as how far they will go.

What I find in my experience is that Asian masseuses are more catering at the end. They will wipe your body up, clean your hands, hug, lay on top of you and snuggle, playfully tickle, etc. It’s nice to be pamper service. The one non-Asian that made me flip first just tossed me a wash cloth to clean up lol. I guess for me it’s the little touches that matter. Im sure there are exceptions, but that has been my experience so far with amps. 

Good luck!

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What you do is a great process to help you get what you want. I follow a similar plan and it is usually successful (my mongering is a bit different, of course). But in the end it is a roll of the dice if the place isn't a FS factory or a known jack shack. But part of the thrill for many of us is the hunt itself, and not knowing if we will get our HE.  

tophat stronglegs2014
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I'm intrigued, how do you show your interest that you may like the masseuse more than a general massage if you don't have a visible hard on when they flip you? I've not thought about woman on woman amp b4