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tophat  Megatron
Since: Aug-2014
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Well it's bound to happen to even yours truly who's only human afterall beneath all that armor!

I already knew she's rather sketchy so only negotiated for a quickie. I did cased her ad on BP for a few weeks just to make sure she's not fly-by-night.

The moment money changed hand pimp/BF busted into the room yelling: "what are you doing with my girlfriend, MF?" then it's "you better get the F out of here" and some other choice words for threatening purpose. He must have been listening in on her phone to time it just right.

Anyway for a measly $60 I wasn't going to waste my time and effort fighting him so I just left.

It figures I've been doing alright so have been relaxed on my own rule and got bitten by it. Should have insisted that she got naked before handing the cash over.

Stay away from this pair of very ghetto trash folks! Click image to enlarge
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tophat  Milagro
Since: Dec-2016 Vip 
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I'm just glad you're ok, bro. SMFH! 

tophat  Heaters
Since: Jan-2016
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Time to drop BP...

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tophat  TGRT365
Since: Sep-2014
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It happens.

tophat  Teddi Bear510
Since: Jul-2015 Vip 
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Dam, been eyeing her Ad too. Thanks for the info. Good you got out of there Safe..

tophat  AlmostHard
Since: Apr-2017
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Well damn pay day friday 😂😂

tophat  DrTeddy20
Since: Jun-2016
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That sucks. Good thing your okay and the pimp/BF didn't do anything. 

rose  RaquelRain96
Since: Feb-2016
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Sorry you had to go through this mega 😩 Stay away  from Non reviewd in in  unvouched for and unverified ladies ! I wish u better luck next time round 

and have a blessed night

tophat  shadowworlds
Since: Jan-2015
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It happens to us all sooner or later in one way or another. Lest your ok and  loosing 60 let's face it is no big deal. The women did look hot in the pics. Don't blame you for wanting to meet her.

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tophat  rockerdude
Since: Feb-2016
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I know that every situation is not the same, but $60 is not a lot but that fact is you were Robbed. You could of within your legal right called the Police, showed them the ad that you replied to, explained everything and believe me they would of either handed over your money or been arrested. You did not break the law by going to an appointment because you were Robbed. Nothing illegal happen, except you were Robbed.

This is another reason why I rarely go to an in call. I am lucky my brother is a Lawyer and having said that, I am also lucky in a way to have son who is a Lieutenant in NorCa Sheriff department for 17 years so I get tons of VICE information and would not want to ever get busted. Every time I tell my kid one these stories, he laughs and does not understand why people refuse to call the Police, they committed a crime and will continue until arrested.

I had to spray a pimp with MK3 Police mace one time and also the Provider when they tried to take my money and run. If I didn't have the mace I would of just called the Police and let them deal with it. I never roll over when it is about my money. Thanks for the alert.

tophat  dave666
Since: Jul-2016
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Damn she's gross

tophat  MeatPole
Since: Jul-2014
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Well, it does say, "I'm a bad girl" in her ad...Just the wrong kind of bad.

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rose  NikkiFerrari
Since: Nov-2016
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tophat  Thisguywon?
Since: Jan-2017
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I wonder if that movie with Will Smith and Margot Robbie inspired some of this crap of late.

tophat  JimF
Since: Apr-2015
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Good info and advice Rocketdude. 

But the problem is sometimes the provider asked for the money first and then won't do or anything or most things she promised, intentionly cut your time really short and won't even let you finish. You may write her a review but then she would response with lots of lies and flames trying to discredit you. This happened even with provider with reviews. That's why some bros don't even write their honest bad experiences to avoid trouble. 

I miss the RB days where I can trust most of the reviews. If there are fake reviews from both providers and hobbyists, I can made my own judgment. At least all reviews are there good or bad. 

tophat  GasSaver
Since: Sep-2015
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You can usually find her on Inty near the teens on any given morning. I've seen her ride around with her pimp but can't remember what car he drives. 

tophat  Megatron
Since: Aug-2014
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Thanks for all your concern. I'm fine and ready to move on looking forward to seeing my ATF regular this weekend.

Just don't want any fella to fall for this one. Not even sure if it's the same girl in the pic. She's a lot darker. Also kinda big boned husky around 5'8 150lbs in my estimate. Not fugly but nothing to get excited about either. If she was on the stroll I would definitely not pick her up.

When you swing for the fence sometimes you hit a home run sometimes you strike out. That's the nature of the BP beast! I've scored some rare gems in the past. Whenever that happens it makes up for all the misses.

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tophat  Blackstarr
Since: Jul-2014
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Well I consider myself extremely LUCKY, and I’m sorry this happened to you. Didn't get robbed in the literal sense but did cross paths with this skank recently. None of my go-to’s were available, the little head was impatient (and pushy), so the big head agreed to text her because she was in my area. She was available so I booked. She was extremely curt with her text, which would’ve raised a red flag with the big head, but rational operational control was lost at that point, and the mission was a “go” no matter the risks. I settled on the hhr to, like Megatron, minimize the budget exposure. 2 call (text) system. Wanted me to stop and get a cover, which i never do, so I almost backed out at that point. When I resisted, she miraculously found one. Got there, was happy pic was accurate. Some brief small talk, laid out donation and she immediately turned into a robot. Demanded that I sit for an unenthusiastic, rushed 1 minute cbj. Abrupt stop and then the infamous question "How you want it?" Went for missionary. For lack of a better way to describe it, she laid back and provided a hole for me to briefly and shallowly poke. Wouldn't fully undress, positioned legs against my chest to ensure half entry. Absolute dead fish, no attempt to engage. I was bored after a few minutes so I faked a nut and got ready to exit stage left. She had the nerve to ask for a tip!! I damn near laughed in her face! I left blue and pissed but clearly I got off easy. Wanted to post right after but couldn't figure out how to link to her ad. Glad to be able to add to this post. Hopefully her business will dry up. That experience effectively closed the BP door for me, which probably isnt a bad thing.

tophat  Megatron
Since: Aug-2014
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Guess you even got that far because you paid her a bit more than my $60 quickie. This type of girl have absolutely no idea how to be prostitute. They think it's like assembly work on a McD kitchen where they treat us like a piece of hamburger patty. I'm pretty sure she got her script for the robotic service down pat. Trust me girls like this won't be around by next month.

Yep we both could have sensed in the beginning from her dry and curt manner that she's got zero personality and not going to be anymore than robotic even if she goes that far.

tophat  pulse8
Since: Apr-2016
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Well unfortunately crap like this will stink for a while because they continue to get away with it.  It's something that unless we feel safe to call law enforcement about,  it will continue.  If u see a bp bitch better wear a stink clip on your nose and a full clip in your 9mm.

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tophat  joeblow1
Since: Sep-2015
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Amen if more people took this route the robbing would dry up sure one of them most likely had a warrant out of somewhere but just glad Megatron is okay maybe should have called Optimus Prime LOL JK

tophat  Pusimassage
Since: Mar-2016
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Whaaaaaaaat! We have to realize that the only reason that these people advertise on BP is to rob, because they can't be reviewed and can  continuously work there craft on the unsuspecting hobbyist which are usually Hispanic men that have no recourse! But willing to risk robbing anyone just for kicks.

Glad to hear that you are not hurt. 

tophat  Howsthebecky
Since: Nov-2015
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C'mon, man - you have lots of wisdom and experience. You should have known better than to have anything to do with this obvious piece of ghetto trash. Next time - and I hope there won't be a next time - smash the tv and run out. Then call the cops. I'd call the cops now, if I were you. They will continue until someone either beats the living shit out of the guy, or gets them arrested. Let's hope these things happen soon.